back together again

shattered, feeling broken again.

another hope broken, no need for rope

to pull the shards back together again.

the rabbit heart fears its truth

and believes in false gods that ignore

the sounds of crying babes;

believing they need to learn to be okay

without divine intervention or attention.

seeds of shame and doubt planted 

early take root and sprout repeatedly.

validation sought in barrels of men;

unavailable again & again. unworthy 

beliefs grow like weeds in the garden

only reinforced by waiting for tank 

men to see the beauty that is within.

she now sees the very thing she seeks

is fodder for the ever growing weeds.

pulling weeds in the full moonlight,

throwing down new seeds under the 

cover of a new moon’s night,

she casts a different vision of how

to make her garden grow.

chaos precedes organization…

once the old is shattered,

new life can be born.

here’s to another shoot rising! 


image: google

9 thoughts on “back together again

  1. Tiffany, these words are so beautiful, yet so painful when understood! 😂 I was asking myself yesterday, if I realize that I bought a lie why do I keep making the damn payments? My heart breaks for you. Weed and feed. Hugs sweet Sister xoxo ❤️ Barn

    Liked by 1 person

    • We heal a little more with each weed we identify and pull. If we’re use to the weeds, sometimes we allow them to take hold for longer than we would if they were just suddenly planted 😉
      Thank you for the hugs 🙂
      All part of the process of healing: seeing, breaking and (brace yourself) resurrecting. ❤️🙏🏽☀️


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