Motivation through punishment?

Yesterday was a gym day in a week with only a few days of gym options. 

Repeatedly I told myself I “had” or needed to get up and get to the gym. (This version has been edited for your aesthetic reading pleasure).

So guess whose hips stayed in bed even though she was wide awake? 

Later in the day, when reviewing a technique to help a client with her PT goals the light bulb went off. She was telling me how in talking to herself she was “forcing” herself to do this technique. So the technique was not being so effective for her as she needed to be relaxed to do it… 

I spoke with her about how demotivating that sounded to me, and offered an alternative, “This will help me.” I quickly applied the salve to myself.

Guess whose hips made it to the gym today?

She was my mirror when I was unable to see the answer for myself, I was able to see it for her and then apply it to myself.


Image: Google 

11 thoughts on “Motivation through punishment?

  1. Lol! This is timely, did the same thing yesterday, stayed in bed, Now I’m motivated. Meant to start several weeks ago but back to back gout attacks stopped that. Thanks for this! 😊 Barn

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