Giddy Over Jets

Jets are hot. It’s a fact. I am like a schoolgirl as they fly bye, using the campus where I work as a landmark to bank and pass, repeatedly. 

It’s increasingly difficult to conceal my squeals of excitement. Might need to change clothes….have some scrub pants in the office if I need.

Praying for no rain and a high ceiling for Sunday afternoon, I’ll miss the Saturday show. Some friends are getting married. It’s with many mixed emotions that I’ll go.  That’s a different post. 

For now I’ll enjoy the end of the summer sun, while the Angels do their banking runs overhead. 

Yes, a wonderful lunch today, giddy over the jets flying overhead. I tried to snap a pic as they flew over in diamond formation right over my head. The image was lost in the trees. 😉

Muscle cars are probably the closest I’ll get to the cockpit of a jet…yet another post for another day. Fast muscle cars. 

Hellcat vs F-16, for anyone who needs a power fix:

Image: Google

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