What are your beliefs about your needs?

Sit back for just 30 seconds and ask yourself what you believe about yourself and your own needs. Please write your thoughts down. 

Here are some beliefs I have had…

Have you also believed? 

~your needs are too great?

~that you are broken, irreparable?

~that there is just not enough time? that you don’t have the time? 

~that you are not worthy of love? 

~that there is something inherently wrong with you?

~that self-care or taking care of your needs is selfish?

~that regardless of what you do, you will never be good enough? 

In other words, what do you tell yourself that keeps you from taking the time and effort to love and care for you?

Life is too short to live in misery and in our own shadows. Taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves are the keys to ending our own misery. Step through and see there is nothing inherently wrong with you. Love you, please.

Believe in you as I do. In the video below, see this young boy through. He believes in you, too! Self-love is like riding a bike…IMHO. Trust me, it’s a short view and worth the time. 

Love to you as you sort through the things that keep you from fully shining your own light and stepping fully into you own power! It can be arduous, sometimes painful, and yet you are worth your own time. You are worth your own love. Just remember to celebrate the successes: Two thumbs up for Rock N Roll! 


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34 thoughts on “What are your beliefs about your needs?

  1. Timely post for me, Thank You Tiffany! Yes to each and every at some point and amazingly enough I think we touched on each and everyone of these at the first formal recovery group meeting Tuesday nite. This next twenty weeks is gonna take more courage than I have ever mustered before but I find tremendous encouragement here! Thank You! Ziggy is right, Beautiful and Amazing, soak in that awhile, you deserve it!
    ❤️🌹😊 Barn

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