Activating Grace 

With each aspect of ourselves that we embrace, we activate another dose of grace. When we accept that we are doing our very best, given an awareness of all circumstances, we allow ourselves space to be okay with less than absolute perfection.

Grace feels like warm sunshine beaming down when the ground is frozen all around.

Grace is the cooling breeze when the air feels like a hot blanket dragging you down. 

Grace is a sense of fullness when the same situation would normally leave one feeling empty; depleted.

I encourage you to sort through and find ways to give yourself more love. Not band-aids or patches that fall off in a light wind. Be the love you seek in others, fill your cup where you desire it from others. 

Ask yourself as many times a day as you can, “what would someone who loves him/herself do?” Then do your best to do it. 

So often when faced with too many options, we freeze or run. Learning to follow your heart and your truth helps to unlock greater doses of Grace for you. Love yourself enough to ask “what would love do?”

Grace will soon surround you in its protective and nurturing embrace. With each degree that we love us, the more our cups open to receive this love called Grace. It’s okay to love you, it helps the rest of us when you do.


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17 thoughts on “Activating Grace 

  1. I am reminded of your poem “Breaking Free” and I believe the last line was “With grace in my heart and a smile on my face.” I will remember that long after the T-shirt fades. I’m thinking that was about the time I really committed to this journey I am on. I have to consider the definition of grace that comes to my mind “Unmerited Favor” To me it goes hand in hand (now that is a beautiful picture) with Unconditional Love. I don’t have an unending source of either so I have learned that I have to go back to the very source, the creator, He who first penned the word and wrote the dictionary, God. For the next twenty weeks I am going to be drawing closer to Him then I ever have and embracing both His Grace and His Mercy all while learning to accept His Unconditional Love. I feel as thought I am being asked to open the drapes on this great big picture window into my heart and soul. It is frightening, trust is the key and I’m afraid of the being humiliated. Last night I had to call an accountability partner and check-in, I didn’t want to but I did, something I’m being asked to do everyday for the duration. I have considered, what if I beat this thing and gain control of my life and M decides, Naw! I don’t want to have sex with you, what then? I can’t go back to porn and masturbation, that’s off the table. I can’t just trade her in either, I may not have thought much of my marriage vows when the porn first started but I do now, to Love and Honor and Cherish that is important to me, in a sense, it is my mission. So where do I find this wellspring of Love and Grace to bless her with when she has no desire to meet my desire? At some point I will be giving out of my own strength and that has definite limitations. I have to learn to lean on Jesus, in the end, He alone is the author and finisher of my Faith.

    Blessings dear Sweet Sister, ❤️ 🌹 🌞 Barney

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    • Barney, yes, The Creator is the source of all. Fear blocks the capacity of your cup to receive. Your work is between you and The Creator. Sadly, you cannot control M. Even in your goodness… She has her own work to do, independent of you.
      Much love to you as you navigate these new waters. ❤️🙏🏽

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