Energy Raising & Metta Meditation 

Energy is vital for life. Without energy we become stuck and cannot move forward. It is important to face the areas where you lack energy, or Joy, and then focus on where you are grateful, happy and fulfilled. Ignoring the issues doesn’t make the problems go away.

Here I will outline a meditation I do daily and whenever I have mental downtime. This is also incredibly helpful when I’m moving through emotions that cause turmoil.

Preferably in sitting, focus for a few breath cycles on your breath without altering it. Then allow your belly to slightly contract as you breathe out. As you breathe in, allow your belly to expand. (As your lungs expand, the belly expands. As your lungs get smaller, so does the belly). Follow this pattern for a few breaths, then bring your awareness to the center of your heart. Trust that you are there, and you will be.

Now as you breathe in, imagine that you are pulling up energy from the center of the earth through your body up to your crown. Then as you breathe out, energy from the center of the Universe, the heavens, travels down through your crown and down to your feet. Repeat this for several cycles until you feel a sense of calm. The in breath moves up from the Earth and the out breath moves down from the heavens. This is how to raise your energy and clear out energy blockages. 

Appreciate the energy you feel, even if it just feels like a little bit at first. Just like any skill, the more you practice, the more you will feel.

This next cycle combines both upward and downward energies on the inhale. Continue to focus on the center of your heart, breathe in and bring in energy from the center of the earth upwards while bringing down energy from the center of the universe downwards. Both coalesce and meet at your heart. As you breathe out, imagine the energy emanating from all directions of your heart (as if it were a glowing sphere) and wrapping around the earth. This is Metta. Continue this for several minutes or breath cycles.

So in the first part of the meditation you cleanse and fill your own cup. In the second part, you share this energy with the world. Which also has a return to you, as an inhabitant of the earth.

The more ways you can love you, the more ways you can also be loved by others, and the more ways you can help support others. Light your light, so the blinded ones can see.


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