Meet Your Root Chakra: The Right to Be

This is the first in a series about the 7 major chakras of the body. Chakra is Sanskrit for energy wheel, or vortex. The body chakras represent the major energies of the body for the specific area and are generally associated with body functions, organs and glands.

The Right to Be

The root chakra is our connection to Mother Earth. When we are connected we feel solid, stable, energetic and protected. When we become disconnected from the physical plane we find ourselves daydreaming, unable to make decisions, stuck, depleted or feeling alone and vulnerable.

Our ability to be present in the here and now allows us to manifest our thoughts into reality. Being rooted or grounded allows us to create and manifest our thoughts into reality and allows us to heal our pasts.

When we experience life ungrounded, we trap emotional energies in our bodies. To clear emotions, we must be present with them. For us to clear the emotions of our pasts, we must feel and be grounded to heal. When we try to escape our emotions, they haunt us. Life will continue to present us with the situations that bring about those emotions until we clear them. The more grounded and present we can be in any given situation, the less likely we will be to continue to carry around those electrical and emotional charges.

Root Chakra Specs:

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara

Color: Ruby Red

Sound & Note: Lam & “C”

Yoga poses: Child’s Pose, Mountain, Warrior II

Essential Oils: Myrrh, Vetiver, Spikenard, Patchouli

Archangel (God’s Messengers): Uriel God’s light. Archangel Uriel holds a scroll, he can help us to uncover our Divine Life Purpose. He can also help us to ground and be present.

Hindu God: Lord Ganesha The Remover of Obstacles, who is strongly associated with the Elephant.

Associated with: Kundalini (vital energy), Family, Ancestors, The Earth, Survival (money, food, fight or flight), Self-confidence, being: protected, accepted.

Foods: beets, carrots, potatoes, meats

Rocks, Minerals and Crystals: Salt, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Obsidian, Onyx, Clear Quartz

Animals: Land-based mammals. Elephant, Bear, Lion, and Buffalo have strong root chakra energies.

Body organs and glands governed: the genitals, legs, feet and governs the entire endocrine system (all glands)

When out of balance we can feel: vulnerable, unprotected, unloved, abandoned, and as if we are floating/not present in our bodies. Often we will overeat (additional weight can help us feel more grounded) or overspend (seeking physical possessions).

Activities that promote the root chakra: grounding (see below), sex, hiking, running, jumping, massages, eating, self-care, cuddling, and other physical activities that help you feel present in your body.

Special topic: Grounding. To ground, focus your attention on the bottom of your feet (you can do this energetically even if you cannot feel your feet, or even if you do not have them both) while sitting with your feet on the floor or while standing. Imagine roots from your feet traveling deep into the earth, to the core. You can also send roots down from your perineum (the area near your genitals where the front of your body meets the back of your body.)

So why is this important?

Personally, I believe we were all born with “psychic” abilities. As children we were often taught that what we were experiencing was wrong, so we learned to discount our experiences. This dissonance may be part of why we all struggle as our abilities to connect with others and Our Source were blunted or cut off at a young age. So let’s all get back in touch with our roots so we can heal and make this world a better place. The future is ours, only if we can be present now. 

Artwork: Courtesy of Will at

Additional reading & Sources:

MacLaren, Karen. Your Auras and Your Chakras: An Owner’s Manual

Animal Totems

See additional root chakra meditation, below 

Author’s Background:
In High School, I stumbled upon a book about Chakras written by a medium who once lived in the area where I grew up. Since then, I’ve taken several workshops and read books about chakras. I’ve also expanded my knowledge and work by taking various energy-based courses. At present, I have completed training to be a Reiki Master and Oneness Blessing Giver, as well as Healing Touch to Level II. While I do not see energy like some of my colleagues (clairvoyance), I “know things” and can feel energy, even at a distance (claircognizance).


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