Waiting for the Bottom to Fall Out?

The sun is shining and I’m doing my best to soak it all in. Yet I’m ready to run on a moments notice as the winds pick up and the dark clouds lurk at a distance. Waiting for the bottom to fall out.
For the past few weeks I’ve been riding a relative high. Yes, there are things to do and yes, I’m still single. Yet, things have been going relatively well and it’s as if I’m waiting for the bottom to fall out.

So now I’m taking some time to refocus and shine my light on what is going well, being grateful for the clear skies – and the rain that is soon to fall, for water is needed for cleansing and for life. Waiting for the bottom to fall out.

And so it goes with soaring, the higher we fly the deeper we must dig to heal the once hidden beliefs that hold us back from the next level. I see where I fear things going well, because that could mean that one day, the bottom may just fall out. So why am I waiting for that to happen? It makes no sense.

Counting my blessings, being grateful for the rays of light, the updrafts that hold me in flight, acknowledging the potential pitfalls while the shadows from the trees dance on my legs and knees. No longer waiting for the bottom to fall out. I send my wishes for continued peace on the gusty breeze, while Summer’s insects sing to me to be free of such worries.


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23 thoughts on “Waiting for the Bottom to Fall Out?

  1. Really enjoyed this post, Tiffany! While there may be some storms and heavy winds, it doesn’t have to be “the bottom falling out”. The strength you have and are building in Spring and Summer will be your strength and strong roots in turbulent times💖💞

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  2. Tiffany, I can totally relate to this post. Actually I find myself surprised when things are going well. So many changes in my life in the last nine months or so I don’t think I’ve found equilibrium yet. My issue revolves around not feeling that I am worthy of something better, Better life, better relationship with M, emotional and physical, a better job. I know I told both you and Rita I was gonna check out an opportunity but as usual, I’m dragging my feet. Sad to say but in my heart I know that it’s because I feel that I don’t deserve it. That has been brewing in my head for so long it’s hard to kick out. The same with the addiction issues. all this was driven home when I saw my Dr several days ago after several light headed, weak feeling fainting spells. She came to the conclusion it was stress/anxiety. So you know, I have a cardiac stress test and carotid scans scheduled for the end of the month.

    But enough about me. Love the post, totally relate and in particular I love the last line. And Hey, the bottom won’t fall out till ya leave the doors off Elektra! LOL! 😜 💕 Barney

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  3. This is something we spend a lot of time working on in the recovery program. It is very structured with a lot of accountability built it. I’m gonnap have to develop a lot more discipline but I’ll get there

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