The Power and “How to” of Letting Go

Today is a great day to allow what needs to be let go of to pass.  Our fears, unresolved emotions and pasts haunt us when we allow them to go unchecked. Unconscious tapes play in the background of our psyche, ruling us with their power to distract us from our truth. We then make choicesContinue reading “The Power and “How to” of Letting Go”

Being the Key Master to Your Own Happiness 

When we desire something that we don’t have, we have a tendency to focus on all of the good qualities and how the person, place, thing or idea will fix our problems. Similarly, when we feel great and excited about someone in our lives, we often place that person on a pedestal. They seem toContinue reading “Being the Key Master to Your Own Happiness “

Letting Go of the Need to Struggle is the Struggle

Surrender is a state of being. When we try to get there or work to get there, that is doing and misses the point. Our fears block us from receiving all that we can possibly receive. When we step aside and allow the Divine to work through us, we see that the need to struggleContinue reading “Letting Go of the Need to Struggle is the Struggle”

Perfection’s Anger

“Little girls are sugar, spice and everything nice.” How destructive this belief becomes to girls and then later to women. I believe it also affects men. This type of thinking is our undoing for it takes away a child’s sense of ability to feel anger. For years I suppressed my anger, as many women do.Continue reading “Perfection’s Anger”

Resisting Self-Acceptance

Last week I decided it was time to step up my game and face some fears I had been skirting. So I meditated 5-8 times that day. Each day since I have continued at least 3 bouts of meditation per day to help clear out my fears…and to meet my spiritual goals. In this timeContinue reading “Resisting Self-Acceptance”

All is Love

Every part of life is Love Hard to understand when the Love Hurts Hard to understand when the Love leaves bruises on flesh and hearts Yet those are the tough kinds of Love The ones where we are taught lies So that we can find our own Truths. We become archeologists Sifting through the debrisContinue reading “All is Love”

Love Your Soul

These three words can be easier to state than to live. Yet to fully live it is time to love ourselves. Fully. Completely. Shadows, sparkles, lights and demons. All of it. No. Exceptions. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves hold us back. Things I’ve recently caught myself saying silently: Stupid girl (this one surprisedContinue reading “Love Your Soul”

Catch 22: The Desire for & Fear of Connection 

For as much as I seek love and call in the energy of a well-matched available lover, I also fear His presence in my life.  In the past, feeling unworthy was part of the Catch 22, yet sifting through the muck I see more.  For many years I’ve questioned the  existence of an available and mortalContinue reading “Catch 22: The Desire for & Fear of Connection “

Six Word Stories: Another Lost Chapter 

9″ and counting. Please. Stop. Raining. Thinking naughty things, not about rain? Here comes more rain. Sleepy-time again. Island flooded; prayers for Haiti’s people. Another rift, another gift stepping forward. Dancing in circles. Exhausting or invigorating? Believing the lies; forgotten little one. Writing is connecting deeply with oneself. Six word stories creating a fuss. CountingContinue reading “Six Word Stories: Another Lost Chapter “

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