Healing the Political Rift: Permission to Feel 

To heal all of the hurts you feel today and any day, take a moment to give yourself permission to feel. When we block or stop an emotional wave of anger, sadness, fear, shame or pride, we must exert an equal and opposite amount of energy to keep the suppressed emotions at bay. 

Just as water will find the path of least resistance, our suppressed emotions do also. These emotions then come to the surface through projections onto others. We then look to others as the problem without solving the true root of the problem: the suppression of our feelings and the civil war within that ensues.

Currently, the Political Caricatures (and the reactions of fellow citizens) trigger our base emotions when we suppress how we feel. Each group or caricature represents for us the part of ourselves that we wish to deny. 

This is a tough pill to swallow. To look within to see where we have judgment against ourselves can be painful, it’s far easier to project our hidden feelings and point the blame to another for the things we wish to not see. Each aspect we love or hate in another is within each of us. As each one of us is a microcosm, fully representing the macrocosm.

When we can gain from this perspective an inward glance at our own shadows, we can then choose or give ourselves permission to feel the things we’ve suppressed. Once we heal that wound, by merely allowing it to exist, then the distant actions of others no longer feels like salt.

So what about “them” has triggered you? Where are you harboring and hiding those same feelings? Allow yourself to feel it! This doesn’t mean we have to act on it. Now give yourself the love you deserve for looking within.

Thank you to all the Veterans who have helped to make this country great! Without your sacrifices, we may not still be the land of the free (to feel and heal)! ❤️


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