Love Lessons

Reaching heights unknown

Places unobtainable alone

Immediately feeling at home


A lit candle 

Always creates shadows

Chasing away darkness


The bright flame

Melts wax, lava

Burns tender flesh


Sensitive skin seeks

Respite & reprieve

In shadows unseen


The lit candle

Reveals lost pains

Inner child retreats


Pleas to slowdown 

Unheard, misunderstood, ignored

The bud obliterated 


Love lost yet regained 

Breathing, feeling, allowing

Repleted in the void


Perhaps it’s best

To unfold these

Love lessons alone



12 thoughts on “Love Lessons

      • I can assure you it’s not as good as you’re probably thinking, Sir! Online dating and meeting 2men over 3 weeks time who I had similar roller coaster rides with. Hence this poem and the post about Romantic Love that followed. I’ve hidden my dating profile and am wondering 1. If it’s worth it to unhide and 2. If online dating has the capacity to help connect me with men who are truly okay developing a friendship (not FWB) vs the Romantic Love roller coaster. I want slow & steady, not fast & crash.

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      • It’s important to do very good qualification of these candidates up front. Often times other women can be very helpful with this. Once they pass the qualification, then you need to set your expectations. This is advice I often give to subs looking for a Dom, but I think it generally applies. I wish you the very best and I’m here as a sounding board if you wish.

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