Celebration Time

All work and no play makes for a dull life. Each day is filled with accomplishments that remain unrecognized.  Tonight I’m celebrating a year of changes. Doing my best to focus on the good I’ve accomplished this year of being single, while letting go of the things that didn’t go so well. Endings precede beginnings… Continue reading “Celebration Time”

The Holy Grail Hidden Within Duality

  The Vesica Pisces is a common visual presence across many world religions. In Italian it is called a mandalora (almond), similar to the Indian Mandala. Within the center of each of these religious symbols balance is achieved. Most importantly, one reaches this center through the synthesis of the two edges of Duality. It isContinue reading “The Holy Grail Hidden Within Duality”

Hiking Through The Bardo 

After about a mile into my 5+ mile Sunday hike I sat on a bench and chronicled the pure ecstasy of my Sunday sojourn. In this post I share how taking a side trail shifted my experience…and some of my paradigms as I traveled through The Bardo: The place of transition according to Tibetian Buddhism.Continue reading “Hiking Through The Bardo “

Shake It Out

It can be a real struggle to move out of grief during this time of year when the overarching myth is that everyone should be happy and celebrating.  Wednesday, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, changes the tide from outgoing to incoming light. Today, we have the opportunity to look intoContinue reading “Shake It Out”

The Ecstasy of Hiking

The almost winter sun warms my skin As it shines down, playing peek-a-boo through the trees Cypress knees jut up from earth and bogs,  Hard to tell at first where the reflection ends and the trees begin Pine needles, earth and wet leaves soften the foot falls as I advance  Cypress needles, warmed in theContinue reading “The Ecstasy of Hiking”

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These….

A dear friend recently reminded me that I need to write the story to bring a solid partnership into my life. While she first said this over a month ago, it has only been in the last week or so that I finally came to a place where I believed that I am both worthyContinue reading “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These….”

Eris ~ The Trickster 

Eris is the Greek Goddess of deception and discord. She was the one who threw the golden apple inscribed with the words “for the fairest” between Athena, Aphrodite and Hera. According to mythology, this action was part of what lead to the Trojan War. Eris also represents one of the main archetypes, or Divine patterns,Continue reading “Eris ~ The Trickster “

Spectrum: We Are Shining

This week, when I was feeling rather down, I needed to get myself out of the dumps. The work I do does not permit me to stay down. So I started singing again. I imagined myself onstage as I sang the pain of my heart out. It was quite a performance. When the song faded,Continue reading “Spectrum: We Are Shining”

Fallin’ ~ A Love Story

Stretching and reaching  For understanding  My mind reels While the heart bleeds Another fall, another girl  Fallin’ to her knees  Left depleted, confused another burnt out fuse It was you I sought And found in another face It was you who left again Without a trace The smoke and mirrors  Just another trick  For inContinue reading “Fallin’ ~ A Love Story”

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