Kali Under Fire

It is said that Kali is the most misunderstood of the Hindu Deities as she is often mistakenly seen as the Goddess of Death.  While she is the “dark” aspect of the Primordial Mother Goddess Parvati, Kali’s domains are creation, destruction, rebirth, time & Shakti, or Divine Feminine Energy. She rides and is associated with the Lion, a symbol of courage. Other associations include the fire of transformation and blood. Kali’s association with blood – which is a carrier of energy and life sustaining oxygen – connects her to the mysteries of Life & Death. 

Kali is the slayer of demons and the Ego, but not men (despite the depiction in the main image). She is associated with cremation, which itself is a firey transformation. Though she carries the spirits of fallen warriors and slain animals, she does not kill them. Instead, She is the compassionate mother who loves Her children by slaying their demons and egos, or illusory selves. In this way, She brings freedom through the removal of Karma. Our station in life can cause us to have different perspectives of this Deity: Bringer of Death or Bringer of Freedom and Rebirth.

Her sword of knowledge separates the lies from the truth. For this reason, she can be seen as a bringer of Death to the parts of us that need to die. This can be intimidating and feel like a true death to those who do not wish for change. Kali can also be seen as incredibly compassionate for those whose Karma and ego are cleared by Her grace. By separating the lies from the truth, She grants us a new freedom that we did not have before. Through this freedom and release of Karma, we feel Her motherly compassion.

Additionally, “She consumes all things and denotes the act of tasting or enjoying what society regards as forbidden (i.e. Her indiscriminate enjoyment of all the world’s “flavors”).” This is why she is often depicted with her tongue sticking out. I love this aspect because I enjoy exploring many things that “society regards as forbidden.”

After being introduced to Kali through a recent Jungian dream analysis, I must say that I have fallen in love with Her. Her energy is very much a part of my own. With each post, I allow a part of myself to be brought to the altar to be altered. Writing and sharing my experiences frees me while helping others in seeing paths to greater levels of freedom. This is my passion and I’m seeing more clearly that this is also my purpose.

It’s fascinating to me to look back today and see how much Kali’s presence has been quietly infused into my life over the years. I smile to think back at the resistance I felt when Lord Shiva‘s influence first came into my conscious awareness. While Pavarti naturally came up at that time, I did not identify with her the way I do now  with Kali. Her name alone now brings a smile to my face, for I can better see the strength and courage within myself through Kali. I see now how frequently I write from her view, even with this last post where I describe breaking open to become more free in The Allowance of Grace. 

It’s interesting to note that I have attempted several times to connect to and write about the archetype that most represented my nurturing and mothering side. Now I see the Deity that I sought all along was in Kali, and now so many pieces have fallen easily into place.

Additional qualities and characteristics of Kali

  • She is the feminine energy or Shakti for Lord Shiva, creator and destroyer
  • Her mantra is “I am that I am. I am Spirit.” Parallels well with my own, “I am that I am Love.”
  • Kali lives in the Anahata (true heart) Chakra. 
  • The Kali Yantra has within it the fires of transformation
  • She is the “tough love” aspect of The Primordial Mother, guiding us into our greater potentials 

This following meditation very much has the energy of Kali; healing through letting go of what no longer serves, creating a new level of freedom through transformation. I hope you find the time and space to listen and follow this loving guided meditation.


Published by Tiffany

Writing out my thoughts has helped me to gain a new perspective of myself. In sharing these writings, it is my hope to help others to better understand themselves. It is my belief that with each of us who chooses this path of greater understanding of thy self, that it inspires others to do the same. This building momentum is the force that drives me to share, for in my vulnerability, I find my strength. I believe that you can also find yours there. ~~~In reading some of my posts, you will see that growth is not always pretty. It is in breaking apart and coming undone that a seed sprouts and breaks free of its own captivity. It is also out of mud that the lotus blossoms. ~~~Please join me in seeing the beauty of growth within the deconstruction of our limiting beliefs. ~~T.C.

50 thoughts on “Kali Under Fire

  1. Yes there is always a part of us that needs to die and which we can slice the truth from lies with our own internal swords. It may not be apparent to others but what resides inside of us is still there….most of it good and some of it to go by the wayside.. Interesting post.

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    1. Thank you, Joseph! It’s amazing what Spirit shows me after a post like this 🙂 so today I’m setting out with new mantras to support my new perspectives. Our willingness to see where we are blocked is amazingly helpful in clearing the obstacles to our own inner peace, happiness and bliss. So great to have you along on this journey! ❤


    2. I think die is the wrong word. Destruction and creation are more like an ever revolving wheel where one state feeds into the next.

      I don’t think parts of us have to die. They just have to be understood, and raised properly. We were created with the parts we have because we need them.

      Especially our primal instincts. Our logical mind is still a baby. It is easy to fool it, so our inner beast keeps it safe

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      1. I can see your point here, energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed, merely transformed. Yet, I will also say that the transformation often feels like death…


      2. Well when I think of death. I think of it as an ending. For transformation I don’t necessarily see an end to anything, but rather an evolution. For me destruction/creation are exactly the same thing. It is the duality that we perceive that tends to want us to label things as beginning or ending when nothing actually does. As for my experience with self transformations. I’m not sure I can say that it would feel like dying. Even my experience with death felt different.

        One gave me a sense of my perception adjusting to be able to see more, and then my death experience was more of a comfortable release. Like I was shedding my skin.

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      3. I agree and I also see that transformation as a form of death. “The caterpillar must die for the butterfly to be born.” Also in a way shedding skin is a death… death of the old ways. Letting go of the old, in a way, is a death that we must allow ourselves to grieve…
        So I also feel that words may be disruptive here, as we are essentially saying the same things, just with different perceptions.


      4. Well when I look at the word death it symbolizes an end to a mortality. However because nothing in my view is mortal because even matter is just condensed energy. So if everything is immortal. It’s free from death. Also caterpillars don’t really die in the sense if mortality. They transform. When I think of a transformation I can refer to transformers. They don’t lose themselves they just change shape in order to evolve into something that can handle more difficult situations. As for the shedding of skin it is dying it’s the releasing of old things which then go back into the cycle in order to grow.

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      5. Let me pick your brain for a moment. To be honest. I completely understood what you were communicating. However I find it all to often that many people. Especially online. Feel that it is okay to portray themselves through the usage of others words, and/or persona that enable them to recieve a feeling of accomplishment or response that they feel they cannot get through being themselves.

        When I first got involved in the cyber world. It was mainly used by people like me just trying to find a place where we belong, and where others could accept what we had to offer instead of expressing things in a way that illicit the exact response we feel we can’t get otherwise.

        In those times people were genuine. Information was real. People responded through engaging in meaningful conversation.

        It was truly a place where people came to expand their minds, and grow as individuals free from the everyday bullshit.

        Now a days people don’t even read. They just glance and +1 or like. Or retweet.

        The Internet has become a place of redundant idiocy. Everything one reads is taken as truth.

        When I confront those that do this. They are left with no other option, but to ignore me.

        How can one share information with the world when one doesn’t understand that the information they share.

        This had become a popularity contest like everything else. Appearance is everything. Information is nothing.

        I appreciate you engaging with me in a very clean, and wise way that fully represents you to the core, and in a way that is righteous.


      6. Wow I’m so pissed. Oh nevermind it went through. I thought all those words failed to send.

        Now why do you do this? What motivates you? How long have you been doing this, and do you follow any particular path or belief?

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      7. I like to discuss things like this with others to gain insight into others views. If I sound like I’m saying no your wrong. I don’t mean it like that. I understand we all define things based off of those perceptions, and some times we are saying the same thing, but sometimes words obscure or disrupt meanings

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      8. I am the same way re discussions, I didn’t take anything personally. Discussions help us to understand different perspectives, which is part of what growth is. I appreciate your input and an glad you shared it here.
        Have a great day!


      9. Alright this is why not.

        In order to be able to understand. Why not you need to realize that your view of death/birth only exists in this world through our limited awareness. This is known as duality however duality in the universe does not exist. It’s only an illusion that confuses us, and keeps us from the truth. So when you say death I can see that in your understanding of things are incomplete. The words transformation, and death do not symbolize the same thing but like saying 1 = .5 death being .5 life being .5 where 1 is completeness which everything is constantly in the state of.

        Everything is complete although it changes appearance to us. It doesn’t make any difference.

        Just as in meditation you become to realize that internal, and external are not separate, but things we for some reason have decided are different.

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      10. RR,
        Thank you for your stimulating conversations today!
        We all have different perspectives that need to be honored. Arguing over semantics, and particularly the concept of death, does nothing to advance another’s understanding of spirituality or spiritual concepts. Instead, it leads to a further defense of each person’s ideas…which causes further polarization (duality) on both sides… I would encourage you, Random Rants, to look within to see what part of you enjoys conflict considering that you seem to seek it out.


      11. I know I know, I can get a little amped however sometimes a hammer is necessary. You did say you practice Buddhism, correct. In that sense you could understand why I’m specifying this. The thing is death/birth don’t exist. Transformation none of it. Just the 1. Never anything else?

        I was trying to put it into the best words however there are no words. Only understand.

        I understand why the conflict arises. It’s me trying to explain completeness in a world that can’t see nor describe it.

        This is actually what I’ve been going through lately. I experienced something that I’m trying to think about so that I can help others.

        However through this whole discussion, and your interjection I see that what I want to do implies that I am fighting myself trying to grasp something that can’t be grasped.

        This is such a profound feeling, and yet i want to share it. I lack the ability to do this. For 2 weeks it’s been this way. At first I was like oh shit this is something that everyone needs to experience yet it doesn’t seem to be something that I can put into words to do this.

        The processes I’ve taken to get here. The craziest thing is that although I see others following these paths and practices which are supposed to lead to this I never saw it that way I’ve never seen any path that hasn’t been being myself and that allows me to be myself.

        They all want you to do things you don’t naturally do. It never made sense to me.

        Yet, the way I took does.

        Unfortunately I’ve had to walk a fine line in order to not upset anyone that does want to do these things that others swear will lead to this sort of understanding, but Buddha did what he felt was necessary and was the only one I know of that people scramble to try and grasp the methods he took, but it’s all in what he said.

        Just be. I think by him sitting there for days he realized all of this stuff is the same regardless. By trying to show others his methods with his from his own being others thought by trying to be like him would end in the same understanding.

        I get it gotta kill Buddha.

        Well shit. I’m sorry for putting my internal dialogue up here, but if you felt the way I am you would definitely understand.

        I didn’t mean to seem antagonistic it’s just for weeks I’ve been trying to find a way to express this, but it can’t be done. Our language our whole entirety of beliefs we are taught have nothing to do with anything. They aren’t my way. But if you want to make it yours by all means. I now realize everything I’ve done before now is done.


      12. I understand that this may be confusing from my original responses. However in order for you guys to no longer be unhindered by illusions you have created which will inevitably cause you much distress, and confusion in your life if you truly want to walk the path of enlightenment you can no longer view things like that. Things are what they are, and just because lack of understanding creates 2 out of 1 doesn’t make it so

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      13. Arguing over the concept of death, which I’ve argued is a form of transformation, creates for further disillusionment. It implies that you are right and others are wrong.


      14. Oh guys I hope you don’t think I was angry with you. I just get amped sometimes. I’ve been looking for someone to talk to about all of this, I was telling Tiffany the other for like 24 Hours I was up writing like crazy I rewrote the same thing over and over but in different ways. I would go into trying to explain what I was experiencing, but then it didn’t make sense so then I would try to explain what I had just explained but tried to equate it to a previous experience, but nothing added up. I wrote several people, and finally I was like screw. It I’m hoping on a blog and doing it up.

        I created a twitter was like hunting people to tell this stuff to. Then I found yall and it was exactly what needed to happen.



    3. In reference all together to your main post. If your saying that there are things that are part of you that need to die this means that you believe that a piece of the complete needs to go. And the decision to label things as good is another common misconception due to humans not able understand that good/bad chaos/order these things only to those who don’t understand seem like 2 things. Yet they are not.

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      1. To rise above duality, one needs to be able to experience the contradiction within the opposites. Enlightenment isn’t a denial of duality, it’s rising above the opposites and seeing the greater picture. To deny the opposition is to deny yourself the very vehicle of ascension.


      2. I’ve been trying to contact someone to get this all worked out. Then I wrote like I swear over 150 pages of the same thing but worded differently. I would in the middle of a page start to realize this isn’t right. I was awake for 24 hours trying to work this out. It was like I could feel it. I would start by trying to explain it then I would say wait maybe it would make sense to describe a time in my life which could explain to someone what it was that I was explaining.

        I’m not around many people. Most of the time I’m the odd man out. I just don’t think like the others, and I felt like the time I spent wasted listening to these guys talking.about football could be spent being productive by myself.

        It’s just so crazy.


  2. Loved the way you presented this, Tiffany. I am all in on exploring archetypes and the influence they have in our lives. They can become runaway trains in our soul and psyche if we spiral towards them in hopes fully embodying them as a state of personal perfection. Yet, if we see them and recognize them as infinite states of perfection flowing from our dreams–as you did with the Goddess Kali–we can then be more forgiving of our shortfalls. We are freed to savor the archetypal journey with a realization of what drives us and understand that the ultimate destination isn’t the reward or even attainable. The reward is found in understanding and embracing the journey. Your savoring of what society considers potentially taboo is is very sexy🔥😘 There is certainly a crossroads here with Kali and Dionysus…actually quite a few. I noticed the statue has a (cock-like) design in her clothing hanging between her legs. Loved this post and hope you come back to Kali again this year and weave her into your writings as you explore deeper.💖

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    1. Thank you, Michael! Yes, Kali came through loud and strong w/ a dream interpretation post I’m working on. The associations were very strong for me and the dream post is taking longer than expected, so I did the spin off before I released the original post =) IDK, I may break the dream interpretation down into parts.So to say, YES! I’m going to be writing about Kali more as i ‘explore deeper’…but I’d also argue I’ve been writing about her all along =)
      Always great to read your sexy insights, Sir Michael! :-*

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      1. Hi Beautiful😘I’m a little behind (no surprise) on your posts. I suspect you have been writing about her along and, perhaps, channeling her in your aspirations. So wonderful you have recognized her presence and influence. These posts will be must read for me! 💖 Hope you have a wonderful weekend…I’ll be in and out over the next few days catching up😘

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      2. Great to hear from you, Sir Sexy! I was just reflecting on how you’ve seen your Dionysus connection since before you started your blog. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I consciously saw my Kali connection. However, in reflecting back on the golden threads that I’ve woven into my work over my time here, there is a strong connection to Kali…most notably pertaining to rebirth, which is present in a vast majority of my posts. I’ve had many aha moments these past few weeks and it’s kind of funny that it took me so long to see Her strong presence in my life. There’s a comforting sense of warmth that I feel now when I think of Her, whereas 20+ years ago, she terrified me.
        Looking forward to seeing you in and out over the next few weeks 😉😘


  3. I enjoyed reading this post immensely. It’s a perfect description of Kali!
    Can I ask you to visit my blog and perhaps give me feedback?

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