Thresholds & Boundaries

Right here, there is a boundary.
It may not at first be so clear,
for the vestibule seems over the horizon to disappear.

When your feet course ‘cross this threshold,
I will bid you a courtesy warning.
To trample over it, carelessly, I will on the next offense bid you adieu.

Flirting repeatedly with this line will bring multiple yellow cards,
Careful there, for yellow cards can turn red quickly & without warning.

I’ve toiled to tear apart many fences & take down walls to know you (me, too).
Respect the thresholds or your knowledge of me will be merely a distant, foregone memory.


17 thoughts on “Thresholds & Boundaries

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      1. Yes, me too. I also have trouble when I do say something, continuing to stick up for myself and not crumbling under the weight of the other persons rationalizations and emotions.

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      2. YES, i can relate! i find the physical pressures a bit harder to stand up to… i used to stand up to peer pressure quite easily. somewhere i’ve lost some of my ability to be oppositional. interesting.

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      3. Interesting! Maybe partly because of the deep empathy you feel? I find mine has only grown with age, and hiding it nearly impossible, making some situations more difficult. I think I am able to not participate in things I don’t wish to or that are hurtful to others. I do often end up taking responsibility for things that aren’t my wrongdoings in conversations when I feel the other person’s hurt (rationalizations, defensiveness) at what I’ve accused.

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    1. Thank you, Sir for the well wishes. It’s been an interesting year of transformations… i seem to be having some difficulty w/ reading erotic posts right now… have had some not so great experiences lately in real life, so it’s reflecting elsewhere.
      I hope you are also well!


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