Healers, You May be Missing the Point

So many of us in the healing community will bend over backwards to help others in need, even complete strangers. Yet, so often we fail to take care of ourselves. We are often overweight, arthritic and in deep emotional pain ourselves. If so, then we are missing several important points in our healing practices. 

With each healing modality I have learned from Healing Touch to Reiki to Oneness Blessings, inductees were taught to work on ourselves first. The more clear we are as channels for Universal Healing energies, the more helpful we can be to those with whom we are working.

While we may perform these “heal thyself” rituals just prior to helping another, it seems that we are failing to take the time to truly heal ourselves outside of our craft, and even fully during our sessions. This shows up in our physical and emotional bodies.

In my experience, having spent a great deal of my life overweight, extra pounds represent the feelings of shame for my needs, shame for existing, and protection from others. 

Fat is an insulator. It keeps our energies stuck inside of us and also keeps the energies of others away from us. I also feel that this extra weight seals in our anger and sadness. 

If you’re carrying extra weight, where are you unhappy? Marianne Williamson’s book A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever is a fantastic resource for learning how to change how we feel.

Bodily pains, in my experience, represent where the energy is dense and not moving, or moving minimally. This seems to stem from a lack of love. Our physical bodies are the physical manifestation of our mind. So one must then be willing to ask, “what is it that I fear?” Louise Hay writes about this in You Can Heal Your Life

What I’ve noticed is that the more flexible I’ve become spiritually, the more flexible my physical body has become; without me doing Yoga or other stretches. Following an evening where I came to terms with some of my suppressed anger (there was a lot), I was able the next day to touch my toes for the first time without extensive stretching. My anger was keeping my body rigid. It was keeping me stuck.

To be a more clear channel, we must keep our own conduits clean. Bodily and emotional pain are our wake up call that we’re ignoring something. 

Another important point that many of us seem to miss is that the person we are truly needing to heal is oneself. When we heal the aspect of the other person within us, then we heal both them and ourselves simultaneously. When we just focus on the other person, we are missing the point. 

As healers, our first priority is to heal ourselves throughout the healing session. This can be a challenge, as we must first be willing to see that we carry an aspect of that person within ourselves. When doing healing or prayers, if you can see the other person within you, and heal that aspect within you, you will be more than doubling your healing dollarOtherwise you and your clients are missing out on the buy-one-get-one-free deals of the century! Who wants to miss out on BOGO? A perfect example to which I’m speaking can be found in the concept of Ho’Oponopono and can be explained in Zero Limits by Joe Vitale. 

Ho’Oponopono Prayer

I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

The main concept here is that the more you can love and forgive yourself, the more you can love and forgive others. You may now go forth and heal thyselfEach and every time, without exception! 


22 thoughts on “Healers, You May be Missing the Point

  1. So much truth in this Tiffany, physical manifestations that come from inner turmoils. I know with me I’ve had ongoing heat in my stomach and other gut issues and I often wonder if they’re associated with my inner struggles.

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  2. Yes, if we don’t take care of ourselves first as we are #1 in our books, or should be, then we cannot offer 100% of care to those that need it thus depleting ourselves and feeling stressed afterwards. Stress made manifest affects your body in one way or another in aches and pains and stress could lead to other emotions such as anger, frustration etc. which are not beneficial to our bodies. How can you offer a clean vibration to others if yours vibrated on a negative charge….doesn’t make sense to offer to others negativity.

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  3. Great post with lots of resources. If you became an Amazon partner you could monetize the blog. People are probably going and buying the things that you’re suggesting if they don’t have it already, because of your recommendation. You deserve to get something for your referral and the hard work and writing. You speak the truth and we thank you.

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