Emotional Cycles

Just as houses require consistent maintenance and cleaning, so do we. Humans accrue emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs that require upkeep, attention and clearing. It seems that we relearn this over and over again as life moves in cycles. We may think that we are “over” some aspect of our past and then another thing pops up to remind us of the underlying pain. 

Just as we breathe through exercises in the gym, if we can breathe through the emotional pain as it arises, we will become emotionally stronger. The emotions that we work through won’t kill us, though at times it can feel that way. In fact, the more emotions we can work through, the freer we can be.

To believe we have somehow failed because we are still “dealing with” things long past, keeps us from taking the steps to move forward and out of that past. If we can see emotional and mental maintenance just as we do the care and upkeep of our homes, we will see that life inherently creates areas that require cleaning, dusting, washing and vacuuming; repeatedly and in cycles.


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8 thoughts on “Emotional Cycles

  1. So true we often have to revisit the same issue over and over but if we can deepen into our true feelings we make progress. To be told we should be over something before we have fully processed it shows ignorance of the truth of emotions and trauma. Great post.

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