A Brand New Day (NaPoWriMo2)

The air is crisp
cleaned by the rest of the night
while the house’s inhabitants lie sleeping.

The temperature is checked
by toes peeking out from covers
returning quickly to the warmth within.

The light filters in
around the skylight
and along the edges of drawn curtains; orange & bright.

The silence is broken
by the songs of birds outside
heralding the breaking of a new day’s sun.

The creaking of stairs
in protest of weighted steps taken
shhh! careful not to wake sleeping children.

The lighting of incense
with the flick of a bic
crackles and pops as it is lit.

The sight of smoke
rising in eddies that twirl
and waft the soft scents that plume.

The morning breaks new
and is serene in fine moments
soon the sound of children fill the quiet.


image: google

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