Choosing Love in the Face of Everything NaPoWriMo11

Turning corners left then right,
Over and over again,
Moving further towards the within.

Seeing inner conflicts as an observer
Warring parties voice their woes,
They become friends (for now) no longer foes.

In the presence of love, I find myself enveloped.
It is here I find who I am,
Who I was all along.

Words I have spoken,
knowing only a sliver of their truth:
I am that I am Love. I am what I am.

Yet on this day, I feel it on all levels.
I see, I can feel another Universal truth:
We are all here to choose Love
Over and over again.

What have we got to lose?

In the face of all else…
The choice is always ours if we choose.
To Love is to be Love.

It all begins within.
To seek it without this simple foundation
Leaves us depleted.

When we experience the Love that
Is us, from the within
We see ourselves for the truth that we are.

It is Nirvana. It is Bliss. It is Heaven on Earth.

Yet in chasing, grasping and looting
our coffers, seeking fulfillment in things or in others,
We overlook the details of fineness.

The Love we seek is within Us.
It has been there the whole time.

To find it, we must remove the layers
Of pain that block us, that keep us in
Our own little worlds of suffering.

To Love thyself is to know thyself.
Come everyone, It is Time.
There is no need to hide.


Image: ESA/Hubble

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