Sometimes we have to trust our way through the darkness to find the light again

So often it is in our darkest hours, when we are ready to give up and throw in the towel, that our faith in something greater is the weakest. When we need our faith the most, we abandon it and we abandon ourselves. Yet it is precisely when we are at our lowest point thatContinue reading “Sometimes we have to trust our way through the darkness to find the light again”

Opening the Capacity to Love

Each of us has an infinite capacity to love. Yet we put rocks, sand and baubles in our jars Out of fear, out of pain Blocking our ability to fully receive And acknowledge the vastness of our own greatness Allowing the stories we’ve told ourselves about why we cannot love Gives them further solidity OccludingContinue reading “Opening the Capacity to Love”

The Epiphany of Allowing

  It is on this day that I met the elegant, beautiful and delicately strong lotus flower named Epiphany. She was captivating to watch as she morphed into different shapes and colors as her awareness of herself grew. She was open, she was vulnerable and she knew who she was. She could be anything thatContinue reading “The Epiphany of Allowing”


When we hold onto anger against someone else we only hurt ourselves. The anger seeps into our daily interactions and causes more wounds. Often the hardest person to forgive is ourselves as we hold ourselves in contempt for wrongs done by ourselves and others. Forgiveness opens our hearts and frees us from the binds of anger. ForgivenessContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Using the Imagination to Cope with Emotions

Her fingers shook as she raised the black clove cigarette to her cracked lips. The golden light as she lit the clove created a patchwork of dancing light and shadows, revealing deep wrinkles in the skin of her face. Soon she began to speak as the smoke poured out from her lips in puffs. “I want toContinue reading “Using the Imagination to Cope with Emotions”

Breaking Relationships

Tapestries frayed with time don’t hold the same face held in place by pure will and strength afraid to let go the fear of the unknown: who? who would replace? non-severed ties tug on strings pulling back together bumping into things that smother where flowers decay and green shoots wither it seems like i’m stuck inContinue reading “Breaking Relationships”

What We Resist, We Become

I didn’t want to be bitter When Marriage vows dissolved Yet that is exactly what I became I hid it even from myself Like a red tide, it was  Just below the surface And that is my shame For this, I have no one But myself to … blame. Accepting responsibility for  What I’ve createdContinue reading “What We Resist, We Become”

Writer’s Block: The Pursuit of Perfection

Words typically flow through my mind like a raging river. Recently, the flow stopped in a way it had never done before. I felt frozen, cold and isolated, as if in a shell. A shell, it turns out, I had imposed upon myself and reinforced. Breathing through the stagnation, spending more time in meditation andContinue reading “Writer’s Block: The Pursuit of Perfection”

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