Sowing Love (a poem)

Flickering light in golden hues Casts shadows over me, Over you. Threading the needle, Sometimes in this darkness Feels impossible. Slows breath, Furrows brow, Eye squints, Focus on passing through. Pulling together fabric With golden threads What once was separate Returns to one. A finger prick Fabric from white to red A broken heart AContinue reading “Sowing Love (a poem)”

Living Our Dreams

How can you fully grasp the new dream if you’re still holding onto the old reality? Surrender is the name of the game. Repeatedly giving over all which does not serve to our higher power. This opens our channels so that we can receive the new dream. Remaining grounded and connected to ourselves keeps usContinue reading “Living Our Dreams”

Is How We Relate Healthy?

Fire up the spit, because I’m going to roast myself! No, not literally, but figuratively. Before unleashing the mea culpa, I have some thought-provoking questions for you: Do you have a hard time asking for or receiving help or “handouts?” Yet, do you often “give ’til it hurts?” Do you then feel resentful when you helpContinue reading “Is How We Relate Healthy?”

Prayer Circle Request

Prayer is a personal thing for each of us. For me, I both believe in the power of prayer and in force multipliers; the more people praying with the same intention boosts the power of the prayers. With that in mind, on this day I am writing to ask a prayer. A loved one ofContinue reading “Prayer Circle Request”

Navigating The Spaces Between (NatPoWriMo)

How confusing it can be When nothing is as it seems Traveling along seams Between what was, what could be, & what is yet to be… Navigating the spaces between. ~~ Betwixt One may feel tricked Yet it is here We can choose differently. Seeds in spring sprout Some seedlings become great trees While othersContinue reading “Navigating The Spaces Between (NatPoWriMo)”

Allowing Through Heartache to Let Go

  Heartaches make us through breaking us, for in breaking apart the beliefs that we hold dear, we rebuild ourselves in better and better ways. This can be hard to understand when in the midst of heartbreak, for often we hold onto the pain, or we hold onto the good things that we “lost,” thatContinue reading “Allowing Through Heartache to Let Go”

Becoming The Love You’ve Been Looking For

Fantasies about knights in shining armor started at a young age for me. I wanted a man to save me from my miseries; to whisk me away on his stead into the sunset. Fairytales, it seems, were a vast part of my psyche. Then in my late thirties when my marriage dissolved and I wasContinue reading “Becoming The Love You’ve Been Looking For”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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