Allowing the Transformation

It is in allowing, instead of fighting against the shackles, that we set ourselves free.

It can be a challenge to have patience when we’ve decided to make changes in our lives. We often move from status quo to “green light go, go, go” in .24 seconds. When we push to have the changes take place, we create greater resistance as we are actually acting out of fear. When we rush we also ignore the parts of us that are holding back and not ready for the new. Out of fear we begin to create and new obstacles come into play.

As much of a challenge as it can be to do, once we decide to take those steps we must sit back and wait for the next steps to unfold; much like a rose. When we rush and push, we will be unable to hear the small quiet voice within giving us our next steps or instructions. Breathing into the need to push, leaning into it, and allowing it to exist, helps us in our transformation.

Here is a prime example. After a break up, I wanted to “be okay” with everything and to no longer be upset at him, myself, and the circumstances behind the broken relationship. Pushing to be better “right now” only resulted in my frustration growing larger and further blocking my ability to think and act clearly. Finally, I recognized what I was doing to myself: pushing past my own limits and leaving the broken pieces of me to fend for themselves.

When I find myself doing this, I find it best to do the following sequence:

  • Sit quietly (at least mentally) and allow as many of the painful emotions to surface as able. Take note of where they reside in the body.
  • Return to the center, and feel the mantra, “I am willing to love myself as God does, infinitely.”
  • By repeatedly breathing this intention into the restricted spaces within, the tempest falls apart with each mindful breath.
  • “Rinse and repeat” when the tempest returns, begin the process again.

While I’ve still not reached my final resolution, I’ve reached a greater sense of peace and calm in the midst of this tempest. When it begins to read its head up again, I return to this sequence; it is the path to freedom. For it is in allowing, instead of fighting against the shackles, that we set ourselves free.


Published by Tiffany

Writing out my thoughts has helped me to gain a new perspective of myself. In sharing these writings, it is my hope to help others to better understand themselves. It is my belief that with each of us who chooses this path of greater understanding of thy self, that it inspires others to do the same. This building momentum is the force that drives me to share, for in my vulnerability, I find my strength. I believe that you can also find yours there. ~~~In reading some of my posts, you will see that growth is not always pretty. It is in breaking apart and coming undone that a seed sprouts and breaks free of its own captivity. It is also out of mud that the lotus blossoms. ~~~Please join me in seeing the beauty of growth within the deconstruction of our limiting beliefs. ~~T.C.

16 thoughts on “Allowing the Transformation

  1. And teaches those things that circle our wagons at every stop…patience and self love ❤
    Great post Tiffany, it is a hard journey but appreciated all the more because of it. It's like cooking, we have to have the fire too, it is a part of what we are creating ❤

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    1. Yes, thank you! In my early writings I called it the foundry; it takes great heat to bend the will, er metal 😉.
      Recognizing today, in post-blog processing that the closer we get to our truth, the higher the walls we’ve built that must be scaled or torn down… and when we reach the bliss of surrender, it is just as profound ❤️
      Thank you for being such a supportive cheerleader 📣

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      1. Mark, I’m grateful for your presence, too.
        Your blog has helped induce more inquires on my part as well as to develop a greater understanding of my own journey… and the consistent reminder that all is as it should be has been spot on.
        We each have our own paths and none is more righteous than another’s. Each is right and custom-tailored for the individual on it.

        My saboteur can be quite persistent, and your sharing your journey has helped me to see it more, so I can embrace her…and thus come to a greater level of acceptance of my own journey.

        Thank you!

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      2. My pleasure Tiffany. I write in my blog so that others may see a path…but they still need to take those steps and find their journey. And as you said, it is as unique and individual as each person is…and…we all have our own terrors to face, each fearful in that journey, but that very thing is the making of us.
        Your journey is in full swing, you have dared to face yourself, and as hard as it is, no more self loving can you be. It is there that life’s happiness we have always sought is found when we finally see and understand the truth of that fear.
        May your happiness find you…in understanding, openness and with that love we have always looked for ❤

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      3. Mark, Thank you! I appreciate your trail guide and words of support. I’ve created my blog w the same intention in mind. And I’ve discovered that in the process of explaining things that it also helps me to gain further acceptance and understanding.
        These obstacles are self-created and mine alone to recognize and then tear down or climb….
        Namaste ❤️

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  2. I ve found just pausing and taking a deep breath helps lately when I go into over drive. I am also learning to ask God or my HIgher Power and angels to keep me centred instead of splitting off feelings. When I stop sometimes I realise how much fear is actually driving my actions and there are deeper emotions underneath fear. Thank you for this reminder.

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    1. Yes! I love this! When fear drives us our higher selves cannot. Daily meditation helps me so much and I still have many moments when I ask for Spiritual backup and support. Thank you for sharing this! And strong work! Surrender, ironically, is a major key 🔑


  3. It’s so true Tiffany. It’s when we least resist and when we take those baby steps forward that healing begins. It takes time but I’m so glad to hear that you’re finding peace. x 💕

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