Too Busy Mopping Up the Floor to Turn Off the Faucet!

How often in life do we focus on treating the symptoms instead of getting to the root problem? Please take a moment here to pause and reflect. We all do it, we’ve done it and many of us are living it; daily. It seems that each year that passes the expectations increase: work, life, home,Continue reading “Too Busy Mopping Up the Floor to Turn Off the Faucet!”

Stress Detox & Breathing Easily

In downshifting this past week and being diligent in self-care to detox, I began to notice how much I was struggling to catch my breath. No cold, not an asthma attack, just every breath seemed labored. Remembering comments from a friend and fellow blogger, I began to look into “air hunger.” This lead to theContinue reading “Stress Detox & Breathing Easily”

Demystifying Traumatic Stress: It’s really not mental – initially

Despite the common belief that stress is “mental and controllable,” the stress response is actually a reflex. This means that the conscious (cerebral cortex) part of our brain is not involved in the process. When faced with an event that threatens us, leaves us feeling helpless or that horrifies us, our stress response is activated.Continue reading “Demystifying Traumatic Stress: It’s really not mental – initially”

Insomnia: The Pot of Guilt at The End of My Sleepless Rainbow

For the past few weeks my ability to stay asleep at night has been very much hit-or-miss. I have played with varying bedtimes, reducing my overall caffeine intake and screen/TV times at night, while increasing my night time meditation. I’ve also tried dietary changes including increased magnesium intake (through oil and citrate), and even takingContinue reading “Insomnia: The Pot of Guilt at The End of My Sleepless Rainbow”

Breaking the Insomnia Cycle

For the greater part of the last 6 months, I had been suffering greatly from insomnia that was progressively getting worse. Over the last month, I have successfully broken that cycle and I believe it has had to do with making many small changes. I am now sleeping better and longer without taking Valerian, melatonin,Continue reading “Breaking the Insomnia Cycle”

Healers, You May be Missing the Point

So many of us in the healing community will bend over backwards to help others in need, even complete strangers. Yet, so often we fail to take care of ourselves. We are often overweight, arthritic and in deep emotional pain ourselves. If so, then we are missing several important points in our healing practices.  WithContinue reading “Healers, You May be Missing the Point”

New Blog: The Happy Pelvis 

While studying for my certification test in the fall, I felt it important to share self-care facts about the care of the pelvis. It was then that I started a new blog called The Happy Pelvis.  I’ve been slow to write posts as they are a bit more intensive. Hopefully you or someone you knowContinue reading “New Blog: The Happy Pelvis “

The Body: Body Armor through Muscle Guarding

When we do not feel safe, our minds instruct our muscles to contract. Basically, all muscles in the body are at a heightened state of arousal (not necessarily sexually) and this is a way for us to be more reactive in the need to fight or flight (think: battle or be able to run likeContinue reading “The Body: Body Armor through Muscle Guarding”

Mirror Work Day 1: Loving the Skin I’m in

I have both been dreading and looking forward to this. Mirror work in the past was painful at best. I hesitated rising this morning up out of my warm, comfy, soft bed. While lying there, I thought up in my head things I would say to myself. A bit scared of what was to come.Continue reading “Mirror Work Day 1: Loving the Skin I’m in”

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