Resisting Self-Acceptance

Last week I decided it was time to step up my game and face some fears I had been skirting. So I meditated 5-8 times that day. Each day since I have continued at least 3 bouts of meditation per day to help clear out my fears…and to meet my spiritual goals. In this timeContinue reading “Resisting Self-Acceptance”

Submitting to Femininity Part I: Into the Pink

From Steel to Mercury As I have long considered the feminine to be weak, I have consistently drawn upon my inner Animus or masculine seed when in need of strength. It has become my habit to use a steely “take no prisoners” attitude of will and strength to exert myself in the world on aContinue reading “Submitting to Femininity Part I: Into the Pink”

Body Image: These Feet

It is said that a man’s foot size is proportional to the size of his penis. Not sure what that means for women, nor if the former is really true… So with that you probably realize, my feet are of not a regular size. I have one large foot and one slightly still large, yetContinue reading “Body Image: These Feet”

Escaping My Story

dissociative amnesia is considered a mental illness. for me, I consider it a blessing. For without dissociating sexual trauma, I would have lost my mind. For the very people who were my protectors abused me over many years at an age before I knew my full name, much less how to spell it. for overContinue reading “Escaping My Story”

Body Image: This Belly

For me, this entire area has been a source of disgrace; the reveal of my self-consciousness, I must now face. For so long I held myself back in my power, not wanting to feel, not wanting to heal, denying my own unique individuality. When the more I choose to feel the pain that seeks comfort, theContinue reading “Body Image: This Belly”

Body Image: Getting Something off my Chest

This is part of an ever expanding series on body image and mirror work. Had planned to save the breast for last…(sorry, really couldn’t quite hold back) So alas I find myself being drawn to post the part of my body I have loved the most. They are my breast assets, in my humble opinionContinue reading “Body Image: Getting Something off my Chest”

Mirror Work with a Twist (TMI Alert)

So last week I embarked on the journey of mirror work. Something I have hated in the past because I prefer perfection and am a romantic idealist. Seeing myself in the mirror means my eyes immediately pin point all of my flaws. Things most others probably do not see. And yes, I see irony inContinue reading “Mirror Work with a Twist (TMI Alert)”

These shoulders, arms and back

These shoulders, arms and back hurt and droop sometimes  from the weight of the world. i so often feel the suffering of others, sometimes as if it were my own. with tools, i have learned to remove these burdens,  for me and those I inherited  from you. ~~ my shoulders no longer hang forward inContinue reading “These shoulders, arms and back”

Fear of Being Too Much

The small Alice of the looking glass has permeated so much of my life. My fear of vanity, of fully seeing and appreciating the help I give to others and the beauty that emanates from my being are all minimized. This prevents me from realizing my dreams, sometimes even from dreaming them. For instance, I’mContinue reading “Fear of Being Too Much”

These Thighs: A Metamorphosis

These thighs of mine Are thunderous, they boom when I walk or run (or that has been always my perception). Changing my focus, I begin to see these thighs, and myself differently. These thighs lift and carry my body, often gracefully. They take me to great heights, physically and etherically. They wrap around my lover’sContinue reading “These Thighs: A Metamorphosis”

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Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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