Allowing the Breakdown: A Sign of a New Beginning

Just as old buildings must be razed before new ones can be built, old plans and ways of living must be broken down so that we can begin anew. This process can feel like death and in a way it very much is: it is the death of the old ways of living. As such,Continue reading “Allowing the Breakdown: A Sign of a New Beginning”

Degrees of Freedom

Freedom from emotions that threaten to crush us occurs in degrees. When we allow our feelings their due course, they move through and out of us. The challenge is that in the fear of feeling we often block the process, which keeps these emotions locked in our bodies and in our subconscious. These blocked emotionsContinue reading “Degrees of Freedom”

Breathing Life

~Breathing in is called inspiration. It allows us to give birth to new ideas and emotions. ~Breathing out is called expiration. It allows us to releaseĀ old ideas and emotions. Like the tides, it is best when breathing is more or less balanced. Sharp out breaths through sighs are an attempt to avoid feeling. It isContinue reading “Breathing Life”

Watching him dying (graphic)

This happened nearly a dozen years ago, yet still feels like just yesterday. Standing at the foot of his bed, i watched helplessly as he took some of his final breaths. he was surrounded by the code team, some peoples’ jobs merely the space they were holding. a 1st year student, i stood there inContinue reading “Watching him dying (graphic)”


The weather today is a reflection of how I feel. Yesterday we awoke to a blanket of powdery snow with 32 deg temps. Today, it is raining in sheets while a balmy 63 degrees; .  The wind are highly variable with gusts up to 22 miles per hour.  ~~ The low ceiling is a patchworkContinue reading “Turbulence”

Sailing into The Mystic

At first to much deliberation, I abhorred this designation. A lonely resignation, The Mystic. ~~ The soft spoken woman,  having explained to me my warrioress,  (such prowess  she can possess) now softened her tone,  speaking even more gently,  so as to be sure I could hear her, and most importantly feel her; her words,  whichContinue reading “Sailing into The Mystic”

Funeral Pyre

Tonight I’m building a funeral pyre. Tonight I am taking out the shell of a person who once lived here. Her time has long gone, Her needs have expired. Now it’s time to build a fire. Her final release to the Heavens will light the land this night. The sparks will shoot high Into theContinue reading “Funeral Pyre”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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