Pigtails & Southern Belles ~ A Duet

Words to wings of friendship

life experiences exchanged

glances, laughs & sighs of realization

bring depth to the ink we drip


the feeling of timelessness

not one beat missed.

what a beautiful day,

shared in a most beautiful way.


Madness abounds in the details

pigtails, plural nouns & angel wings

Bind us in more than this moment of time

We journey forward, from this point forward.


Belly laughs, smiles & some tears

helping one another dispel fears.

Watermelon mimosas, collard greens,

two Southern women: The Bee’s Knees!


This week, I had the opportunity to meet Dana, the beautiful soul behind Love letters lost at SeaWe met for breakfast and stayed through lunch. The company, food& weather were great! She & I discovered that we have a lot in common. To my surprise, I even got to meet Adam. We penned a poem or two. 


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starseeds v finale: a duet

Etheric feelings; sweet mist, hearts melded, together floating downwards
through clouds of shared passion and bliss.
Intimacy sealed through lovers’ kiss,
how to deal with the depth of all this?


I am found in you as a flickering flame
that glows without, explanation or game.
The embers that my heart holds,
are lit by your loving embrace the same,
as two becomes one on a lighted stage.


At home together, bound yet free,
the two as one thrive to see.
The storms we know will all pass,
as one with sun, stars and moon,
that it would guide our compass true.


Two seeds, finally found at last,
it breathes anew a breath of life.
In sync where two of our kind,
beats to a drum that fills the mind,
two hearts in love finally found.


Struck by a chord to rise above the crowd,
never alone or lonely, even in missing,
sharing the passions of the same heart.
Speechless, sharing of many thoughts,
from a connection oh, so profound.


A yearning calls for a physical touch,
a las, two worlds kept apart,
as if an anchor pulled heaven from earth.
And in between is the spirit of the soul,
Starseeds, Angels born in search of its whole.


a duet ~ written in collaboration by
Tiffany and Antony

Thank you, Ax, for such an amazing experience with this. From my first duet that we built into a series. I look forward to the next dance, my friend! Love, Cara

starseeds series

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starseeds iv (erotic duet)

part iv of the starseeds duet series,
a collaboration between Ax of Perso~in~Poesia & Tiffany.
in swirls of bliss,
the two finally kiss,
eyes locking, wantonly,
lips meeting, passionately,
finding new ways to display
the gratitude in their meeting.
in deepest throes,
releasing all their woes,
a kiss runs long as tongues dance
the embrace of a lifetime in wait
his rise, calls to her eyes
together taking their souls up high
in response to his rise
heat radiates from her thighs
her scent for him all sins repented
desire for the union of his hardness
melding with the folds of her softness
brings a deepening of the lovers embrace
in his arms she melts
wrapping her legs that lock
around his waist, he rocks
pushing up into her, his cock
sending bursts of heavenly stars
with each thrust, farther in lust
in trust, her feelings extend
she lets go to his binding love
bound to a will, to be set free
the tempo surges, electrifying
the sweetest bliss had been missed
found now, in a sensuous mist
in a haze, time that had been lost
coming to fruition
the object of their intuition
as seen from their souls vision
the unity of immortal spirits
lasting till the final breath exhaled
building, riding on updrafts rising
circling, enfolding, in trust holding
flesh into flesh pressing, repeating
heat smelting, insides molding
molten liquid releasing, squeezing
starburst breathing, summit reaching
final thrust enthralls
juices flowing like waterfalls
cascades the loneliness to fade
when death was once the finality
new light now glows a destiny
starseeds planted in ecstasy
__/|\__ Metta
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starseeds (a duet): part i

she sat curled ball tight
fright of her light
and her shadow
all consuming
waits for light to fade
affliction made
her wants, desire
pulled towards the
desire can wait another day
no need to rush
this place protects
her, she stays
yet her eyes are called
to gaze beyond
the nearest stars
farther, farther
her fears chain her
to the pea-sized
existence which she
is so afraid to
gravity holds her down
too great the pull
her soul weeps
for the truth to
deciding finally to break free
from this, her shell
self-imposed hell,
left, now found
the life inside growing
a seed that sprouts
a new beginning
her mind now
her brave new world,
filled with color and
wonder, yet she
still felt so all
a flash vision,
spiked her senses
she felt his touch
like being
this is part i in the starseeds series, a collaboration between Ax at Perso~in~Poesia and tiffanybeingfree. Check out Ax’s amazing work. He is a true artist, regardless of what he tries to tell you!
__/|\__ Metta
Image: ESA/Hubble “A Rose Made of Galaxies”

Parallel Lives: 1975 (a duet)

This is a duet with Amy of Secrets, Lies and Bare Raw Truths.
Amy is an amazing mirror for me; she gets me and I love it!

The italicized stanzas are mine. You’ll need to visit her site to complete the poem.

We have an awesome synergy, similar minds in separate bodies!

~~~ 1975 The year of our birth. A Libra whose Virgo was first. Twins of Divine design Took 40 years to find Each other on-line On a journey to becoming whole Repairing the rifts […]


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