starseeds iv (erotic duet)

part iv of the starseeds duet series,
a collaboration between Ax of Perso~in~Poesia & Tiffany.
in swirls of bliss,
the two finally kiss,
eyes locking, wantonly,
lips meeting, passionately,
finding new ways to display
the gratitude in their meeting.
in deepest throes,
releasing all their woes,
a kiss runs long as tongues dance
the embrace of a lifetime in wait
his rise, calls to her eyes
together taking their souls up high
in response to his rise
heat radiates from her thighs
her scent for him all sins repented
desire for the union of his hardness
melding with the folds of her softness
brings a deepening of the lovers embrace
in his arms she melts
wrapping her legs that lock
around his waist, he rocks
pushing up into her, his cock
sending bursts of heavenly stars
with each thrust, farther in lust
in trust, her feelings extend
she lets go to his binding love
bound to a will, to be set free
the tempo surges, electrifying
the sweetest bliss had been missed
found now, in a sensuous mist
in a haze, time that had been lost
coming to fruition
the object of their intuition
as seen from their souls vision
the unity of immortal spirits
lasting till the final breath exhaled
building, riding on updrafts rising
circling, enfolding, in trust holding
flesh into flesh pressing, repeating
heat smelting, insides molding
molten liquid releasing, squeezing
starburst breathing, summit reaching
final thrust enthralls
juices flowing like waterfalls
cascades the loneliness to fade
when death was once the finality
new light now glows a destiny
starseeds planted in ecstasy
__/|\__ Metta
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to my etheric Lover Part II (Erotica): unification

Part I

2015.10.15 for the best effect, listen to the song while reading… enjoy!

Your eyes call to me from across the way. I feel undressed by your gaze, vulnerable and trusting I can feel the thoughts you have, they need not pass as words across your lips. I can feel myself being drawn into you. Somehow, magically perhaps, the space between us is now gone. Before I know it, our lips meet softly parting, to allow the kiss of lovers to each. Your strong arms wrap around me, pulling me closer into you, closing out any distance that may have remained between us. I can feel your firm chest pressing into the soft flesh of my breasts. I release a sigh as I surrender headlong into the passion that has been building inside of me, nearing now a crescendo, since we first met.

More deeply, your tongue penetrates into my openness, searching and investigating all of the spaces within, as if searching my soul for all that you seek to understand about this existence. I reveal to you the mysteries that I hold within as our tongues meet, dancing joyfully together.

As we passionately kiss in our loving, and wanton embrace, you continue to remove the layers of your armor; a process you started before our first introduction. In so doing, you invite me to move closer and closer into your inner sanctum. In gratitude I receive your trust, a gift I cherish within each moment of its tender unfolding.

Undressing me now, physically, you slowly follow the unbuttoning of my blouse with a kiss, tasting all of the parts of me that are revealed as each button is released. Following this pattern, you kiss each part of me that is revealed as each article of clothing is removed. Naked now, I stand before you as you take me in with your eyes. I can see myself in your reflection, imagining how you are experiencing me at this moment based on the soft wonder of your eyes.

There’s only one problem now, while your armor is removed, you are still fully clothed! Moving into action, I slowly remove your clothes, kissing the exposed flesh with soft kisses, mixed with nibbles; my desire to devour you. Then I step back for just a moment to admire you in the golden campfire light. It reflects off of your exposed chest and face, creating a golden aura around your being. I step back into your embrace, tracing the fine lines of your masculinity with my delicate fingers. While our tongues meet in a lovely dance, we ever so slowly explore the contours of the other’s body.

What started as a small fire within each of us now joins together and courses wildly through our veins as you gently lower me to the soft moss-covered ground. The heat of our embrace keeps any chills away. I welcome the weight of your body pressing into me, another way in which I surrender to you on this starlit night.

Your large hands explore my body, playfully pulling and squeezing my nipples, causing me to arch my back into you as you kiss me more deeply. Then a soft smile plays across your lips as you lower your mouth to one and then the other, pulling gently on the nipple with your teeth while I squirm in pleasure beneath you.

When ready to explore further, you begin to kiss my belly, gently scratching the skin with your facial hair, tickling me and making me laugh. Still drunk from the sweet nectar of ecstasy, you begin parting the flesh of my womanhood with your fingers, exposing me further to your exploration, as you taste the sweet essence of my being. While you kiss and explore my velvety folds with your lips and your fingertips, I begin swirling and twirling as the waves of ecstasy pass through my body, climbing closer and closer to climax.

Gathering up all of the will I can, I gently push you away from me. I rise to my knees and ask you to stand before me. I kiss your strong, long thighs as I grasp your throbbing cock, moving it back and forth in my hand. Parting my lips, I begin to lick the tip, teasing you as I taste you with my tongue. Opening further, I move into you inch by inch, pressing you further into my open mouth. I hear you whisper my name in approval, while I continue to kneel before you, my King. The ecstasy is shared between us, as I feel pleasure in bringing you further into me; further into you.

This plays on until the point where we both can no longer deny our desire for a deeper union. I lie back down as you kneel now between my long, strong legs. You press your hard, firm manhood into me, parting my soft flesh and opening the gate into the silky smoothness of my warm, moist inner valley as you kiss me deeply.

Penetrating me inch by inch, you slowly press further and further into my being, pulling out nearly all the way each time to experience again and again the feeling of my softness surrendering to your hardness. I do my best to hold you in, but silk is not easy to grasp with. Feeling my desire for you to fill me completely, you begin to tease me further, not moving more than halfway in each time.

I cry out, begging for more. After several teasing ins and outs (and what seems like an eternity to me), in one smooth motion you give me all that you have got. A deep moan escapes my throat as I open further to accept all that you have offer. Together we move in the sweet dance of passion, the silence only broken by occasional moans of sweet ecstasy, or the sweet sounds of the night including the gentle popping of the firewood nearby.

Our eyes lock as we gain momentum, traveling towards the height of our ecstasy. It is here that we slow our pace, to allow us to savor this embrace, even if just a few moments more. You continue to thrust deeply into me, while I surrender more and more as each wave after building wave courses through us. Reaching for a higher limit, we press forward together, continuing to build the tension with each thrust in and out. I am the first to surrender, sending out a shock wave that ripples through my being, and tightening my muscles around you, setting off the unleashing of your seed within me. Our mouths open in soft moans as we kiss to seal the act of love between us.

Savoring the moment of our deepest surrender, you lower your body onto mine while staying inside as long as possible. You gaze into my eyes with a soft lovingness I have not seen before, while a smile of sweet satisfaction graces your lips.  Firelight dances across our faces as we smile from our hearts and souls, floating in the golden afterglow of our love-making. Yes, my lover, we are finally home.



Talk Dirty to Me, Baby (mature erotica)

you whispered in my ear; i replied

trail rated toughness; can I handle this?

in the mud; make me dirty

in the sand; sugar cookie

soft top; take it off

hard body; press it against me

topless; make me

remote start; press me

extra head room; for the bobbing (don’t call it a hummer)

snorkel; dive in, deeply

light bar; so you can see, my friend; if you choose

six inch lift; rise up, love

knobby, muddy 33’s; take me dirty

260 pounds-ft torque; climb upon my body

doors off; open me up

open to the elements; vulnerability

rock sliders; slide on in, no sticking

285 HP; power for the motion

stick shift; give me six-speeds, at least

roll bars; roll me over

mounted jack; mount me (again)

off-roading; take me anywhere

rubicon; let’s cross it together

jeep; topless and dirty by choice!


take me as your front wench,

or your back ho

god damn, is winter over?!

’cause it sure feels damp and hot

like summer in the south!



Woman iii/v by Ax: The Melding

Woman iii/v
By Ax

Heat would rise blistering,
as it chars the grain that travels,
from ground to heights,
that meet your eyes.

Arching back as your curves dance,
leaving trails to hike up between your thighs,
tight to my sight that pulls,
me into your heaving breasts.

The length of your neck exposed,
eye teeth grow from my mouth,
wanting to bite, nay, compelled,
to sink into your flesh with a vampires hunger.

The taste of blood trickles down my chin,
mingling with my saliva dripping on your skin,
fluids from inside pour hot with desire,
burning, burning, burning in your fire.


Here the strong stanza structure of i & ii gets lost as the poet gets lost in his lover’s curves; lost energetically in her amorphous matrix. Loss of self is part of the dance of sexual union between partners. Here the tempo shifts to a more erotic and heat-filled sequence; less of him claiming & conquering (ii) while here we also see a melding of heat and bodily fluids.

One of the main reasons the poet is seeking his lover, his anima, is for healing himself. Healing is a process of transformation. Great energy is required to transform, much like the process of smelting metal to create a sword. In ii we see heat as a common theme throughout the poem. The lovers meld together producing heat for their transformation.

The poet bonds further with his lover when he falls into her breasts, her heart and takes of her life force. In taking of her blood, he tastes her; a completion of the five senses begun in ii. This is also an energy exchange from his blood loss in i. In sucking her blood he tastes her, unites with her, consumes her and further claims her.

Additionally notable is that the energy of emotions is water with both saliva and blood being predominately water. So here we also see the emotional connection developing between the two lovers. Perhaps this is also why the tone and structure are softened here: the two are uniting, melding into one another and connecting emotionally.

In iii the Divine Union between lovers intensifies as they begin to become one, while also connecting on an emotional level, thus deepening their connection.

Woman v Series by A with commentary

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__/|\__ Metta


Woman ii/v by Ax: A Closer View

Woman ii/v
by Ax

In different point of view,
the blood that is pumped,
through my veins follows,
the shape of a woman,
that invades my,

The hour is glassed,
as time beads in drops,
with a yearning to hold,
her hips in my hands,
soaked with my,

The scent that rises,
from her wet moist cunt,
drips on the head,
of my bulging cock,
filling more, my

To hold her hair as reins,
and pull back her head,
as my thrust impales,
smacking flesh to flesh,
porno fucking my,


There continues to be symmetry in the appearance of the poem, a rising and falling with each of the four stanzas appearing at large like the rest. Perhaps much like the revolving that occurs in a relationship: the pushing away, the pulling towards. The desire to have and yet the fear of it, too. This can be seen in his hands sweating, probably both from his desire and fear of her.

In Woman i/v, the poet describes his Goddess etherically and in ii/v he describes her physically and sexually. This bringing her to him sexually, he grounds her energy to the earth. Meanwhile he claims her and takes her as his own; impaling her perhaps even on her throne. There are references to the shape of her body (an hour glass) and a reference of time collecting, probably his desire to no longer wait.

The song “Closer” was chosen for the similar energy between the poem and the song. Projecting the song onto the poem, we see the poet’s desire for escape from himself. Where he wants to focus on her instead of himself. It is their union that brings him closer to God.

He deepens his connection to her in the activation of his senses. He feels her in his blood; his heartbeat. He sees her shape, smells her scent, can feel her heat, while hearing the beat of their fucking. Activating all of the senses except taste, but I’m confident that in his mind he can taste her, too. With each activation of the senses, he further grounds her energy into his world.  This is an important key in manifestation! Being able to sense with as many of our senses the very thing we desire. 

So on many levels, this poem is incredibly hot!

Woman v Series by Ax with commentary

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__/|\__ Metta

closer (erotic)

Dripping sweat
Rapid heart beats
Probing hands
Reaching for the center

No Universe
Just this room
This person
No one

Just me
And him
The passion
The glory
Dripping sweat

The center is near
The world is silent
Except for the heartbeats

There is too much air
I can feel you there

The sweat soaked sheets
The body heat
Rapid heart beats

Nothing between us now
Closer no more air

Just one person now
No universe
The center is here
In this room
In this person
The universe starts here

The end is near
Though it’s only just begun
Just one
Just one person now

No universe
The center is here
Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
In this room
With this person
The universe starts here