I send love… NaPoWriMo5

I send love on the wind to hearts broken. I send love on a whim to loves lost. I send love to him the one who believes I can soar. I send love to all of them who have left my door. I send love to those crying out in pain. I send love to thoseContinue reading “I send love… NaPoWriMo5”

The humility of forgiveness 

  In my heart space within meditation, all I could see was her face suddenly appearing just in front of mine without warning; a surprise. My loving & innocent inner child was the first to respond hugging her and loving her maternal energy. Soon the wounded side of me woke up, attempted to buck, but theContinue reading “The humility of forgiveness “

I will love myself when _____.

Please take a moment to fill in this blank & use as many bullet points as you need. What conditions do you put on loving yourself? ~~~ I thought I’d love myself when I: became a parent (I only hated myself more) lost 50 lbs (then it became 10 more) found love with a partnerContinue reading “I will love myself when _____.”

Balancing the Edges: Creation & Destruction

All systems seek balance including our inner and outer selves. We often become unbalanced when we suppress the expression of our hidden, or shadow, aspects. This suppression is learned during the process of being raised, as we are taught to deny parts of ourselves to fit into society. We cut ourselves off from our truestContinue reading “Balancing the Edges: Creation & Destruction”

Today No One Wins

The stakes of today’s election are high. Emotions are fever pitched and yet within others who are boycotting the vote, there is a stark indifference and apathy. Today, no one wins. We project onto and vilify the candidate who triggers within us the darkness parts we wish to not see that are within us. UntilContinue reading “Today No One Wins”

Resisting Self-Acceptance

Last week I decided it was time to step up my game and face some fears I had been skirting. So I meditated 5-8 times that day. Each day since I have continued at least 3 bouts of meditation per day to help clear out my fears…and to meet my spiritual goals. In this timeContinue reading “Resisting Self-Acceptance”

Be the Rainbow You’re Meant to be

tiffanybeingfree.com is now “unfiltered from the heart” So often we embrace some aspects of our lives while trying to resist others. We judge what we feel is “good” to feel and seek more of it, then we shun the parts that do not fit. This puts us at the mercy of our external environment andContinue reading “Be the Rainbow You’re Meant to be”

The Dance of Love: Divine Balance

Don’t drink at the water’s edge, throw yourself in. Become the water. Only then will your thirst be quenched. ~Jeanette Berson In The Battle of Love I chose to isolate myself in my Castle’s Keep. At the time, I felt defeated and it was time to retreat. I felt like I had repeatedly fallen in theContinue reading “The Dance of Love: Divine Balance”

Submitting to Femininity Part I: Into the Pink

From Steel to Mercury As I have long considered the feminine to be weak, I have consistently drawn upon my inner Animus or masculine seed when in need of strength. It has become my habit to use a steely “take no prisoners” attitude of will and strength to exert myself in the world on aContinue reading “Submitting to Femininity Part I: Into the Pink”

Shame to Blame

Oh wow! Amazing realization  Came to fruition A shame to blame myself For the actions of others Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  Really, WTF?! GTFO!  Yet, guilty, all my life It was my fault if YOU did Something bad to me! Walking the thin red line  Of being good, of being chaste-like Of being fat and dressingContinue reading “Shame to Blame”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

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