I send love… NaPoWriMo5

I send love on the wind to hearts broken. I send love on a whim to loves lost. I send love to him the one who believes I can soar. I send love to all of them who have left my door. I send love to those crying out in pain. I send love to thoseContinue reading “I send love… NaPoWriMo5”

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These….

A dear friend recently reminded me that I need to write the story to bring a solid partnership into my life. While she first said this over a month ago, it has only been in the last week or so that I finally came to a place where I believed that I am both worthyContinue reading “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These….”

Catch 22: The Desire for & Fear of Connection 

For as much as I seek love and call in the energy of a well-matched available lover, I also fear His presence in my life.  In the past, feeling unworthy was part of the Catch 22, yet sifting through the muck I see more.  For many years I’ve questioned the  existence of an available and mortalContinue reading “Catch 22: The Desire for & Fear of Connection “

Upping my Game

Dear Universe, I’m ready to step up my game. It’s now getting lame to keep playing the little games. I’m ready now for the twin flame. Ready for him when ready the same. I realize now what this means, time to see where I hold onto shame. Time to love & free the places I’mContinue reading “Upping my Game”

starseeds v finale: a duet

Etheric feelings; sweet mist, hearts melded, together floating downwards through clouds of shared passion and bliss. Intimacy sealed through lovers’ kiss, how to deal with the depth of all this? ~~ I am found in you as a flickering flame that glows without, explanation or game. The embers that my heart holds, are lit byContinue reading “starseeds v finale: a duet”

Walk the Line- a TwinFlame story?

From don’t you forget about me When I’m home alone, I usually have the TV or radio on for that white noise. More times that not it is usually the radio. But last night while I was straightening up around the house, the movie Walk the Line was playing in the background. The movie is supposeContinue reading “Walk the Line- a TwinFlame story?”

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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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