This Life is About You

It is so easy to focus on the actions of others. “So-and-so did this or that,” I say to myself, my journal or to my friends. This is often where I find myself focusing my attention: on what someone did or did not do and how that affected me. It’s an exhausting way to liveContinue reading “This Life is About You”

What Thoughts Do We Feed?

Easter heralds the season of renewal, rebirth and resurrection. One of the most influential things we can do to renew our lives for the better is to pay attention to what we are thinking and change our thoughts, if needed. Where you invest your love, you invest your life. ~ Mumford & Sons, “Awake My Soul” ThoughtsContinue reading “What Thoughts Do We Feed?”

There are things …. NaPoWriMo9

There are things about me… That I want to believe  That I want to bury  That I want to show everyone  That I only want to take with me to hell or heaven That I have known since I was eleven  That I don’t want to tell anyone  That make people grin from ear toContinue reading “There are things …. NaPoWriMo9”

We are What We Think 

Our thoughts about ourselves and our world create our reality. Just as goal-oriented people and athletes envision the successful completion of a goal or event, we too must envision the goals we would like to achieve. Just as taking a cross-country trip involves seeing our destination so that we can take the steps to getContinue reading “We are What We Think “

Dream Analysis Part II: Inner Dynamics

This is Part II of a 4 part series about dream analysis based on the book Inner Work: Using Dreams & Active Imagination for Personal Growth by Jungian analyst Robert A. Johnson. In Part I, we made associations to the symbolic elements of our dreams. Here we will connect these associations with ourselves as eachContinue reading “Dream Analysis Part II: Inner Dynamics”

Romantic Love’s Faulty Mirror

Romantic love can take us through the highest heights and the lowest lows. When in the process of falling in love, what we see in our lover and what s/he sees in us are the reflections of the Divine within the observer – not actually from the lover being observed.  In other words, what weContinue reading “Romantic Love’s Faulty Mirror”

Being the Key Master to Your Own Happiness 

When we desire something that we don’t have, we have a tendency to focus on all of the good qualities and how the person, place, thing or idea will fix our problems. Similarly, when we feel great and excited about someone in our lives, we often place that person on a pedestal. They seem toContinue reading “Being the Key Master to Your Own Happiness “

Loving Ourselves IS Our Purpose 

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. ~Rumi Original draft 8.7.2016 Beautifully Scarred  While at a poetry reading in late July, I penned four completely different poems pointed in four directions that were all felt and written within 30 minutes from start to finish. From heavy, to light, to introspective, to fun,Continue reading “Loving Ourselves IS Our Purpose “

a dreamer’s dream

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” ~Khalil Gibran through the fog he could see the beauty bound within scars. there was no hiding nor cajoling. no shrugging permitted. simply naked & vulnerable. able to see straight to the truth his eyes fixated on the darkest spots on my soul,Continue reading “a dreamer’s dream”

Just Be With It

Someone once said “change is inevitable, struggle is an option.” When we allow our situations to “just be” we allow ourselves to free. when we struggle, we just create more trouble. Dear Tiffany, when life sends you the need to move, to find a new place and you struggle against it and don’t pack untilContinue reading “Just Be With It”

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