Woman v Series by Ax: Reflections

Many probably have probably wondered, including Ax, how I have been able to connect with Ax’s Woman v Series so deeply. The answer is that so much of what Ax expresses is also what I seek. In seeing Woman iv/v first of all of his pieces, I saw the vision of a man who was expressing how IContinue reading “Woman v Series by Ax: Reflections”

Woman v/v: At Home Again

Woman v/v by Ax Beneath a canopy symbolic of my heart, held to breast, the beating sound pounds, as life from within seeping across holds dear, the woman in my dream so near. Side by side to walk and run under moon or sun, through rain or shine her comfort is mine, where she willContinue reading “Woman v/v: At Home Again”

Woman iv/v by Ax: In Living Colour

Woman iv/v by Ax I can see your colours that fill, every inch that is naked from a soul, that feels the essence of being a woman, wanted by another in a need to hold. I can see the colours swirling over flesh, drawing a mystery over time expressed, taking the challenge to impress, readingContinue reading “Woman iv/v by Ax: In Living Colour”

Woman iii/v by Ax: The Melding

Woman iii/v By Ax Heat would rise blistering, as it chars the grain that travels, from ground to heights, that meet your eyes. Arching back as your curves dance, leaving trails to hike up between your thighs, tight to my sight that pulls, me into your heaving breasts. The length of your neck exposed, eyeContinue reading “Woman iii/v by Ax: The Melding”

Woman ii/v by Ax: A Closer View

Woman ii/v by Ax In different point of view, the blood that is pumped, through my veins follows, the shape of a woman, that invades my, head. The hour is glassed, as time beads in drops, with a yearning to hold, her hips in my hands, soaked with my, sweat. The scent that rises, fromContinue reading “Woman ii/v by Ax: A Closer View”

Woman i/v by Ax: Wishing Upon a Star

The Law of Attraction basically states we are magnets for the energy that we knowingly or unknowingly project out into the world. So by our wounds we attract those with similar wounds or through our ascension/healing, we attract to us those on a similar path. What we see is a reflection of ourselves. In this post,Continue reading “Woman i/v by Ax: Wishing Upon a Star”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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