Woman v Series by Ax: Reflections

Many probably have probably wondered, including Ax, how I have been able to connect with Ax’s Woman v Series so deeply. The answer is that so much of what Ax expresses is also what I seek. In seeing Woman iv/v first of all of his pieces, I saw the vision of a man who was expressing how I so desire to be seen. To be loved and appreciated for myself in all of my aspects: shadow and persona, is so much about what my blogs are about. As I did not want my own desires to disturb the power of Ax’s poetry, I showed my reflections more subliminally by including linked related poems and essays in a muted way.

This has been an awakening process for me, sometimes painfully, particularly on Valentine’s Day. While I agree that February 14th is a Hallmark Holiday, and I would prefer to be showered with love the other 364 days of the year; I still did not want to go out much that day as a result of the reminders of feeling left out.

Ax, you gifted me your trust and confidence by granting me an “all access pass” to the Woman v Series; making yourself vulnerable to me and I am grateful, eternally. This was a very new and special experience; for a man to trust me on an emotional level is not something I am accustomed to. From this, I have been able to gain new understandings on so many levels.

Prior to this series based on cultural views & my own experiences, I have often believed that it was improbable, if not impossible, for a man to desire Love unconditionally (yes, I now laugh at me, too). From this limited perspective, men were tanks; heavily armored moving fortresses that fired first, lest they reveal the softness of their hearts. Theirs was a path of conquering and destruction, or isolation. Perhaps these men did not seek for harm, but were just tactically offensive preferring to fire first vs being fired upon. It was generally me who was left to pick up the broken pieces; so often ghosted, it seems my magnet’s m.o. to attract it.

Ultimately, tank men are mirrors for me. Showing where I have heavily guarded myself and rarely trusted (submission never before a thought in my life’s mission). All my life I believed a man could not love me for me, especially without raping me of my body or harvesting my energy. Hence my heavily guarded and controlling ways; tank men were my own reflection.

Interesting that, as a tank, I see parts of my journey militarily. I describe my spiritual surrender as standing down. Then I find analogy between my spiritual journey and storming the beaches of Normandy in Operation: Overlord. With my strong warrior self-identification I have been puzzled by my new found desire to be submissive. Through this work, I had a wonderful epiphany that I shared in submission understood.  So here I am with a greater understanding of myself through Ax’s work. It has been an amazing journey!

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi

Thus by connecting more deeply with this series, I have connected more deeply with myself, my desires and my understanding of man’s needs. I did not believe that men wanted or needed for love. While I had begun to see this differently through raising a son, he remains quite young and thus I have not connected him with the energy of a man. By understanding that men need & want for Love, I am healing the misconceptions that have love-blocked me.

Thank you, again, Ax for your gifts of trust and access. I almost deep-sixed this project before it was born and am so glad I did not. I have gained so much from this and I believe you have, too. Regardless of whether I am the Goddess you seek or not, in being able to connect with one another so deeply and openly, we are helping each other to heal the parts of ourselves that are love-blocked. In so doing we cleanse our own magnets to attract to ourselves the anima and animus that we each so desire, respectively.

Woman v Series by Ax with Commentary

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Woman v/v: At Home Again

Woman v/v
by Ax

Beneath a canopy symbolic of my heart,
held to breast, the beating sound pounds,
as life from within seeping across holds dear,
the woman in my dream so near.

Side by side to walk and run under moon or sun,
through rain or shine her comfort is mine,
where she will find a place provided,
in my care undivided.

In the presence of life outside our castle,
would be the essence of a devoted couple,
lead by my courage to protect,
showing all her worth of my respect.

Behind closed doors in a humble abode,
stripped of rags that hang off flesh and bone,
exposing the desire of two hearts that are free,
melting into a blissful menage a vie.

A woman, a mother, a lover, mates the soul,
when restraints are placed to submit in whole,
collared in leather snapping the lock closed,
allowing her pleasure to surrender to my hold.


The stanza structure continues to consist of four lines each with a rolling, wave-like form that matches the flow of words and the poet’s loss of rigidity from i and ii.

Here the poet comes out of his shell, seeing the woman of his dreams so close. He gifts his lover his heart, his shelter, his protection and his affection. She is his soul mate and meets his needs for nurturing, by the end she gifts to him her submission. He protects her, while she nurtures him. Together they dance, free to be their own yet together as soul mates.

There is the hint of the fairy tale romance in “our castle,” yet what the poet describes is more of a consummate versus romantic love with displays of commitment, passion and intimacy . The two are stripped bare in their humble abode, fully transparent to one another within their space, their place of love. Together they are home. Even in bad weather they are side-by-side. This speaks to the energy of soul ascension through the activation of the twin flame; healing in their unification and balancing of one another.

He desires only her and sees her for all of her Divine aspects: woman, mother, lover, soul mate. She is venerated and respected for all that she is by him. There is an implied reciprocation in her submission. Through her, he is no longer lost nor hiding, but found. He is now at home with himself, while together they make a home of unconditional Love; any time of day, in any weather – regardless of the condition, thus unconditional.

In collaring her, owning and controlling her, she entrusts him with her safety; gifting submission. Hers is the desire to be desired and to please him. In playing the scene, she releases her inhibitions and burdens. In bondage, she becomes more free. He loves and respects her for the strength in her vulnerability. His reward is her complete trust in him as a provider who understands her needs. Through the D/s relationship, they live in the present, balanced and complete; both complimentary where they differ in qualities. Quite a lovely conclusion to the series; the poet is at home with his Goddess on all levels while she reciprocates.


Much gratitude, Ax, for allowing me to experience how a man views and loves a woman through your work. It was an amazing and sometimes breath-taking experience. I hope that I have done your poetry even an ounce of justice.
Tomorrow, I will post how this experience affected me personally.


Lyrics to “I’m Yours/Somewhere Over the Rainbow” wrap up this series into a neat little bow. While I had planned to use https://www.youtube.com/embed/PElhV8z7I60” target=”_blank”>”islands” by the xx all along, after hearing the featured song by coincidence I was struck by the strong correlations between the series and the lyrics. Here I tie the series to the lyrics:

Woman i: Wishing Upon a Star His Goddess is born by him wishing upon a star. 
Woman ii: A Closer View The poet cannot wait to claim his fate
Woman iii: The Melding I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted
Woman iv: In Living Colour is seen easily in the rainbow and I’m yours
Woman v: Home Again is from the silently implied lyric there is no place like home from the film, The Wizard of Oz.

Woman v Series by Ax with commentary

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Woman iv/v by Ax: In Living Colour

Woman iv/v
by Ax

I can see your colours that fill,
every inch that is naked from a soul,
that feels the essence of being a woman,
wanted by another in a need to hold.

I can see the colours swirling over flesh,
drawing a mystery over time expressed,
taking the challenge to impress,
reading the truths with honour and respect.

I can see more colours that comes from inside,
where the deepest secrets reside,
harbored safe from hurtful eyes,
saved for the grace of a pure hearts cry.


Chronologically, this is the first of the Woman v series that I read and became the impetus for my review of this series. Ax, thank you, again for this unique experience!

The four-line stanza structure remains from i-iii, still with a freer appearance that began in iii. Each stanza begins with the poet describing what he can see in his Goddess from her flesh to her soul.

The poet sees his Goddess now in living colour, and can peek into the parts of her that make her whole; even the parts she usually hides. Naked before him, he can see the truth of who she is, while honouring and respecting her. He can see where she has hidden behind the mask and sought approval in taking the challenge to impress. He understands her reason for having kept her greatness a secret from the judgment of others.

In i the poet creates his Goddess. In ii he conquers and claims her. In iii he melds with her. Now in iv he sees her as unique; he understands her, maybe even better than she understands herself. He sees her now as his soul mate or twin flame.

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Woman iii/v by Ax: The Melding

Woman iii/v
By Ax

Heat would rise blistering,
as it chars the grain that travels,
from ground to heights,
that meet your eyes.

Arching back as your curves dance,
leaving trails to hike up between your thighs,
tight to my sight that pulls,
me into your heaving breasts.

The length of your neck exposed,
eye teeth grow from my mouth,
wanting to bite, nay, compelled,
to sink into your flesh with a vampires hunger.

The taste of blood trickles down my chin,
mingling with my saliva dripping on your skin,
fluids from inside pour hot with desire,
burning, burning, burning in your fire.


Here the strong stanza structure of i & ii gets lost as the poet gets lost in his lover’s curves; lost energetically in her amorphous matrix. Loss of self is part of the dance of sexual union between partners. Here the tempo shifts to a more erotic and heat-filled sequence; less of him claiming & conquering (ii) while here we also see a melding of heat and bodily fluids.

One of the main reasons the poet is seeking his lover, his anima, is for healing himself. Healing is a process of transformation. Great energy is required to transform, much like the process of smelting metal to create a sword. In ii we see heat as a common theme throughout the poem. The lovers meld together producing heat for their transformation.

The poet bonds further with his lover when he falls into her breasts, her heart and takes of her life force. In taking of her blood, he tastes her; a completion of the five senses begun in ii. This is also an energy exchange from his blood loss in i. In sucking her blood he tastes her, unites with her, consumes her and further claims her.

Additionally notable is that the energy of emotions is water with both saliva and blood being predominately water. So here we also see the emotional connection developing between the two lovers. Perhaps this is also why the tone and structure are softened here: the two are uniting, melding into one another and connecting emotionally.

In iii the Divine Union between lovers intensifies as they begin to become one, while also connecting on an emotional level, thus deepening their connection.

Woman v Series by A with commentary

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Woman ii/v by Ax: A Closer View

Woman ii/v
by Ax

In different point of view,
the blood that is pumped,
through my veins follows,
the shape of a woman,
that invades my,

The hour is glassed,
as time beads in drops,
with a yearning to hold,
her hips in my hands,
soaked with my,

The scent that rises,
from her wet moist cunt,
drips on the head,
of my bulging cock,
filling more, my

To hold her hair as reins,
and pull back her head,
as my thrust impales,
smacking flesh to flesh,
porno fucking my,


There continues to be symmetry in the appearance of the poem, a rising and falling with each of the four stanzas appearing at large like the rest. Perhaps much like the revolving that occurs in a relationship: the pushing away, the pulling towards. The desire to have and yet the fear of it, too. This can be seen in his hands sweating, probably both from his desire and fear of her.

In Woman i/v, the poet describes his Goddess etherically and in ii/v he describes her physically and sexually. This bringing her to him sexually, he grounds her energy to the earth. Meanwhile he claims her and takes her as his own; impaling her perhaps even on her throne. There are references to the shape of her body (an hour glass) and a reference of time collecting, probably his desire to no longer wait.

The song “Closer” was chosen for the similar energy between the poem and the song. Projecting the song onto the poem, we see the poet’s desire for escape from himself. Where he wants to focus on her instead of himself. It is their union that brings him closer to God.

He deepens his connection to her in the activation of his senses. He feels her in his blood; his heartbeat. He sees her shape, smells her scent, can feel her heat, while hearing the beat of their fucking. Activating all of the senses except taste, but I’m confident that in his mind he can taste her, too. With each activation of the senses, he further grounds her energy into his world.  This is an important key in manifestation! Being able to sense with as many of our senses the very thing we desire. 

So on many levels, this poem is incredibly hot!

Woman v Series by Ax with commentary

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Woman i/v by Ax: Wishing Upon a Star

The Law of Attraction basically states we are magnets for the energy that we knowingly or unknowingly project out into the world. So by our wounds we attract those with similar wounds or through our ascension/healing, we attract to us those on a similar path. What we see is a reflection of ourselves.

In this post, that I hope to make a series, I look at how the wonderful “Woman v” series by the eloquent poet Ax exemplifies the Law of Attraction in relationships.

Woman i/v
by Ax
[please share love for his work directly to his site & check out his amazing series]

I can draw your lines by heart,
the flow from ink that bleeds,
from the cuts across my wrists,
drips along my fingers,
as they press,
shaping your,

Stars like crystal hovers above,
twinkles that fade in your presence ,
the shine in your eyes glitter,
brighter than any star,
heaven can muster,
blessing your,


Visually, the first stanza matches the second, one being a reflection of the other.

At the beginning of the poem, we see the poet’s precognisance of his physically absent love, having known the presence of her (later we find) through the ethers. “I can draw your lines by heart,” shows that even when the two have not yet met physically he knows her as he knows himself. She is his reflection.

He draws her in an effort to better know himself through ink that bleeds and mixes with his own blood. He is shedding life force in an effort to both better create himself and to attract his embodied anima; his twin flame. It also shows where his wounds are part of the magnet that reveals her to him. Here we can also gain a taste of the suffering of the poet; bleeding, wishing, desiring and needing the heavenly presence of his lover in his physical life.

To heal the wounds and transcend them, or perhaps through them, he is able to see her heavenly body in the second stanza. We can also see the desire of a man to deify his lover; beseeching the Goddess of his dreams, who can shine more clearly and brightly than the brightest stars of Heaven. His desire is for her. Whereas, generally, for a woman it is her desire to be desired by her lover that attracts her to him.

So in Woman i/v we can see how the Law of Attraction both shapes the poet and his lover. As he reveals and transcends his wounds, he attracts her more strongly into his life. 

Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.
– Sonmi-451 in Cloud Atlas

This poem really speaks to me and my desire to be authentic and free. I am repeatedly choosing to stand down, to surrender, so that I may attract people based on my truth and not my wounds…Feel free to join me!

The Woman v Series by Ax with commentary

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