The Ecstasy of Hiking

The almost winter sun warms my skin As it shines down, playing peek-a-boo through the trees Cypress knees jut up from earth and bogs,  Hard to tell at first where the reflection ends and the trees begin Pine needles, earth and wet leaves soften the foot falls as I advance  Cypress needles, warmed in theContinue reading “The Ecstasy of Hiking”

Lady of the Water: Keys to Address

As I start to live more and more in my power, I can set why I have feared this. Where I am going can be filled with great loneliness.  Rising up from the Abyss has given me great clarity. For the man who can hold my hand, walking next to me will need a greatContinue reading “Lady of the Water: Keys to Address”

Parabola: All this Pain is an Illusion

Music is a potion and elixir for me. Maynard James Keenan’s (MJK) work with Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer have been incredibly helpful for me beginning over 20 years ago. I have listened often to MJK in the past two years while recovering the pieces of myself following years of self-abuse and the “bottomingContinue reading “Parabola: All this Pain is an Illusion”

your essence, your presence

lying in bed, lonely in my head. thoughts of you on the fringes, while I tap out my words, i begin to feel your spell overcome me. first chills, then a sense of your presence. soon begins the familiar moistening, softening and warming. spreading. your electricity above my skin. imagining engulfing you pulling you inContinue reading “your essence, your presence”

Love the Mind & the Body will Follow

  Sex is easy; well, mediocre sex is at least. Yet it is my mind that is so often left wanting, desiring. Thirsty for more compassion, appreciation, stimulation, attention and affection. Things I can easily gift to myself. Yet can mean so much more when seen through the eyes of a lover. The very things IContinue reading “Love the Mind & the Body will Follow”

Sexual Deviance? (NSFW)

As a self-described Type-A controlling Alpha woman with a doctoral degree, I was very surprised when I was turned on by a man telling me how to dress and how to impress him. Yet it turned me on even more when he said things like, “I like a woman who can follow orders.” While IContinue reading “Sexual Deviance? (NSFW)”

Mirror Work with a Twist (TMI Alert)

So last week I embarked on the journey of mirror work. Something I have hated in the past because I prefer perfection and am a romantic idealist. Seeing myself in the mirror means my eyes immediately pin point all of my flaws. Things most others probably do not see. And yes, I see irony inContinue reading “Mirror Work with a Twist (TMI Alert)”

Driving Topless

I use to drive Across the state In college Topless To feel the sun shine, the wind caress My bare breasts Was exhilirating The truck drivers liked it Buzzkill boyfriend pointed out It might just cause An accident Who wants to bear that blame Such a shame I ever listened Namaste Photo by Salvatore Vuono atContinue reading “Driving Topless”

Music: Zoe Keating Cellist & A Voice in the Wilderness

In expanding my work this past week into music, I kept seeing the body of the cello in my mind’s eye, yet I did not know what it was saying to me. That is, until today when I was replying to one of James Radcliffe’s blog posts. His post features an image of him playing the celloContinue reading “Music: Zoe Keating Cellist & A Voice in the Wilderness”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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