blowing the ballasts: a return to buoyancy

metal vessel creeks, moans water seeps along interior walls, under benthic depths pressure builds, descending further, abysmic lightless no sight. ~~ releasing my breath in bubbles, nothing left to give, apathy sets in. ballasts filled with cold heavy water, the descent continues. ~~ like a wet blanket words and fires asphyxiated. hard to hear musesContinue reading “blowing the ballasts: a return to buoyancy”

the abysmal descent

the dive began over a week ago. moments of bliss intermix, Lucid dreams, sweet bliss Now seem just a memory. Diving headlong, how far Down the rabbit hole Before I forget how to find my way back home? ~~ The pressure of the Benthic zone presses On bones and ears. The pain, not quite excruciatingContinue reading “the abysmal descent”

Sliding down

 Please check out the artist behind the drawing with the link, below. This image captures the pain that was growing before I saw her drawing…powerful timing! Sliding down Like dew off of a leaf Collecting Pooling Condensing. The tears she weeps. ~~ The pain within grows, Feeling it to her toes, Gripping her head, RippingContinue reading “Sliding down”

Woman iii/v by Ax: The Melding

Woman iii/v By Ax Heat would rise blistering, as it chars the grain that travels, from ground to heights, that meet your eyes. Arching back as your curves dance, leaving trails to hike up between your thighs, tight to my sight that pulls, me into your heaving breasts. The length of your neck exposed, eyeContinue reading “Woman iii/v by Ax: The Melding”

a change in writing: Ode to the Fire Monkey

back in the autumn, my shifting was too out of focus. i asked for an answer to change out of the chaos of what felt like a SNAFU mess. soon, my mornings started earlier. a fire in my belly grew, releasing my need for so much sleep; must be the fire monkey helped me take this leap.Continue reading “a change in writing: Ode to the Fire Monkey”

it comes and goes in waves: the dis-integration

~~ the staccato drips of rain water, drip drip drip dripping  down  the  down  spout. ~~ the tempest storm outside passed on, while i lie in prone on my bedroom floor. tempest outside shifted inside. oh, so many times having been here before. ~~ arms overhead, hands overlapping, palms down towards the floor. my foreheadContinue reading “it comes and goes in waves: the dis-integration”

The Heart: To Love is to Breathe

When in the energy of love we feel light; we fly. We soar. Breathing can be effortless and pure. When the primal life force energy of Kundalini Shakti rises into the heart, it does so on wings of love. To afford our ascension into higher levels of consciousness, we need to open our hearts moreContinue reading “The Heart: To Love is to Breathe”

Sacred Geometry of the Divine Union

Geometry is one of my favorite subjects. As I move through this journey, I keep seeing images of the geometry behind the sacred, or Divine Union of the Divine Feminine & Masculine. I will do my best to illustrate what I am growing to understand, this is my first attempt to explain this in suchContinue reading “Sacred Geometry of the Divine Union”

Alchemy: Turning Emotional Coal into Gold

Sometimes the most simple tools, are the ones that last and endure. Look at the knife, the hammer, the wheel. Ancient tools that we still use. They are simple and in their simplicity, they are still useful. This is the case for the tool that I am about to share with you here. It’s simple.Continue reading “Alchemy: Turning Emotional Coal into Gold”

This Flow of Words

The words flow as if from a tap. A wellspring which has sprung. ~~ The more I write, the more easily the words flow. ~~ From my fingertips, to my lips, the irritation if I cannot express, or try to suppress the words that flow from someplace I now know. ~~ Last year, I hadContinue reading “This Flow of Words”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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