The Path of the Lotus

For the lotus to bloom It must overcome its fear Of the dark, Reaching in faith upwards towards the light. Fighting gravity, Fighting inertia, Trusting its growth is true While the murky waters keep it blind. Feeling all alone, One could easily give up, Never penetrating the darkness, Never basking in the glow of theContinue reading “The Path of the Lotus”

The Waves: An Homage to Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is both the creator and destroyer in Buddhism traditions. This poem pays tribute to his role. The waves carry messages from afar The message of love for the shore receptivity, reciprocity The Atlantic offers rare, finely curled tubular waves today Rays of sunlight caress their tops As they rise up and crest, RidingContinue reading “The Waves: An Homage to Lord Shiva”

The Lotus Flower

The lotus roots and emerges from the muck no mud, no lotus Stretching to the surface Reaching towards the sun Then creates a platform From which to rest Opening Blooming Blossoming Revealing her beauty, her truth, her purpose Without following the stem, one would know not her origins: the darkness. Such mysterious sensuality Photo by Amma

The Fountain

I want to drink more and more heavily from your fountain, To understand the waters of your truth. Dripping, spilling from my lips Falling, trailing down my breasts. To have spent half a lifetime Thirsty, for your living waters. Only receiving from others your essence Sometimes just drops at a time (if at all). ForContinue reading “The Fountain”

The Rain

Rain It cleanses, washes away Sensuously dripping down my face Bringing texture to my skin Attention to the tip of my nose As it drips Taking with it fears, pain Allowing the setting of the new Rain-water It nourishes the earth Brings green to the brown grass Life to the rivers and streams Formless fluidityContinue reading “The Rain”

The Fairy Tale of Storybook Romance: Attention Seeking Part II

At a young age, girls are sold the dream of happily ever after. We are made to feel that we are incomplete without a man. ┬áPrince Charming saves Cinderella from poverty and her evil stepsisters. Sleeping Beauty is only awakened by the kiss of true love. All live happily ever after. Or do they? (AnotherContinue reading “The Fairy Tale of Storybook Romance: Attention Seeking Part II”

Being Vulnerable to Become Stronger

Opening my heart, sharing my vulnerabilities and being 100% honest can feel much like being flayed alive. I hold the knife. The muscles ’round my throat tighten their grip as I breathe only into my chest, which tightens as I reveal another aspect that scares me about myself. This is far worse than public speaking.Continue reading “Being Vulnerable to Become Stronger”

Letting Go of Fears

It can sometimes be a challenge to dig under the veneer of our fears. There seems to be an emotional roadblock that can develop when we refuse to peer underneath the surface. On the other hand, freedom is easily granted to those who are willing to scratch the surface. Over the past weekend, I sawContinue reading “Letting Go of Fears”

A Path to Forgiveness

Broken. Battered. Confused. My lips still feel bruised. Discouraged. Undone. Vulnerable. I quiver in anger, disgust. Bony finger thrust at you. Heart mired in distrust. Hot Coals against you, leaving my hands blistered, burning. Grief floods my eyes. Sadness erupts, forever behind the molten anger, running like lava down my face. Searing. Seething. Smothering smokeContinue reading “A Path to Forgiveness”

Feeling Betrayed

It stings the eyes, it burns the chest. There is a disconnect when one feels betrayed. The moment comes when we feel that someone else did not honor us. Perhaps a boundary was overstepped, we were pushed too far. Or that the boundary was completely obliterated, as if it had never existed. I don’t knowContinue reading “Feeling Betrayed”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

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