What We Resist, We Become

I didn’t want to be bitter When Marriage vows dissolved Yet that is exactly what I became I hid it even from myself Like a red tide, it was  Just below the surface And that is my shame For this, I have no one But myself to … blame. Accepting responsibility for  What I’ve createdContinue reading “What We Resist, We Become”

All of this Anger

This past week I have been chipping away bit by bit at a humongous block of anger and resentment. The posts I have written during this time have been realizations I have had as I’ve worked at chipping away. Yet, a good bit of the anger, resentment and even sadness still remained. So today I’mContinue reading “All of this Anger”

Loving Yourself in Spite of Yourself

At first glance it may sound odd to love yourself in spite of yourself. Yet so often in life we withhold love from ourselves when we need it the most. It’s as if we can only love ourselves and give ourselves compassion when things are going well. When we are upset with ourselves, however, forContinue reading “Loving Yourself in Spite of Yourself”

Faces of Anger

With all of the anger and hate that is being stirred up in light of the geopolitical changes, it’s time to face the anger within. Projecting anger at your friends and family, the politicians and your coworkers is preventing you from seeing the truth: somewhere inside of you, you really hate you.  To break thisContinue reading “Faces of Anger”

Perfection’s Anger

“Little girls are sugar, spice and everything nice.” How destructive this belief becomes to girls and then later to women. I believe it also affects men. This type of thinking is our undoing for it takes away a child’s sense of ability to feel anger. For years I suppressed my anger, as many women do.Continue reading “Perfection’s Anger”

Riding the storm of anger

Seething. Searing. Threatening to take over. Vision narrowing. Volcano filling. Hot Coals, Lava and Earth, bursting forth. Unprotected skin scorched. Rubbed raw. Shattered nerves. Drawn, the last straw. Feeling trapped. Must run. Getaway, fast before damage done. “Be still now in body.” Flee to another room. Safe to allow the feelings to surface. Motion isContinue reading “Riding the storm of anger”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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