The Naked Truth


To be 100% true is to be naked.
Perhaps that’s why it’s
called the naked truth.

I can no longer hide
behind this mask.
Behind these layers I’ve laid down.

To show you who I am,
I must, layer by layer,
remove the armor.

Separating the truth from the not
requires cutting away.
The knife feels serrated.

The pockets of resistance,
the places I most fear your rejection,
are the hardest to reveal.

As I show it to you,
I must within
heal it, too.

For how can I expect you
to accept this part of me,
if I, myself, cannot let it be?

Breathing in, I remove the chainmail: Inspiration.
Breathing out, I peel back the flesh: Expiration.
Exposed now for you to see.

Open, feeling, being, breathing.
I want to run from it,
as much as to it.

Revealing soft, supple flesh.
Now you see
another part of me.

Pulsating in vulnerability.

No longer evading the light,
I can now rest more easily
in the truth of me.


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Being Vulnerable to Become Stronger

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Opening my heart, sharing my vulnerabilities and being 100% honest can feel much like being flayed alive. I hold the knife.

The muscles ’round my throat tighten their grip as I breathe only into my chest, which tightens as I reveal another aspect that scares me about myself. This is far worse than public speaking. I feel naked.

While I am at the helm, I am steering my vessel headlong into turbulent waters. My mind feels watery, thoughts melt before they can be solidified. I grasp for something solid in shifting sands. The thoughts that usually flow freely feel clogged in the drain. Going nowhere. Fast.

Breathe, I repeatedly tell myself. You know this. You live this. You’ve got this.

With each sharing of my truth, I build strength within my being. With each card laid on the table, my light shines brighter. With each fear that I slay by bringing it to the light, the more faith I have in myself.

The flesh no longer flayed, the muscles relaxed, the breath returned, the truth is told and the wound begins to heal. With each wound healed, I grow further into my authentic self. Complete. Whole until myself. Another muscle built.

May we all be free of the fears that hold us back from our greatest potential.


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