Seizing the Moment

How often do we miss fully immersing ourselves in the beauty of the present moment because our minds or our bodies are elsewhere? Today, I am literally composing this post while my toes are dipping into the calm waters near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Yet, my mind is dwelling on the past orContinue reading “Seizing the Moment”

Race for Peace

Have you ever found yourself rushing to get to your peaceful place? Maybe driving faster or rushing to get out of the office to go home so you can relax? Or do you find yourself thinking things such as, “if only this were not here, I would be okay”? I only ask these questions becauseContinue reading “Race for Peace”

It’s Okay to be Okay

This lesson may be just as, if not more, difficult to understand than “being okay with not being okay.” When things are going well for me, I find that I look for the “bad things” on the horizon. Why can I not be okay with what’s happening? When life is going well, it’s as ifContinue reading “It’s Okay to be Okay”

The Freedom in Breaking Down

Kneeling on the hard concrete patio, there was a chill to the air as dusk began to fall and I quickly scribbled my feelings on dishes using permanent markers. With safety glasses in place, I placed a plate gently inside a small banker’s box. My adrenalin rushed as I tightly gripped the hammer and broughtContinue reading “The Freedom in Breaking Down”

A Child’s Perspective on Divorce: Part II

Another week brings another awareness regarding my son’s feelings. Last week, I wrote about some insights I had gained by paying attention to the feelings behind my son’s behaviors. Here, I reveal the next layer. Mad at me for picking him up from his grandparent’s house, or when I remove his favorite toy after aContinue reading “A Child’s Perspective on Divorce: Part II”

A Different View of Motherhood: A Letter From a Mother to a Mother-To-Be

~~~ Dear Expecting Friend, Congratulations! You’re expecting to bring a new life into the world in just a few months. This is such an exciting time filled with potential, and I’m sure some worry, too! From now on, you will be receiving advice, sometimes from strangers. I am going to impose upon you for aContinue reading “A Different View of Motherhood: A Letter From a Mother to a Mother-To-Be”

Being Present as a Parent

“It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.” ― L.R. Knost, Two Thousand Kisses a Day: Gentle Parenting Through the Ages and Stages Before I was a parent, it wasContinue reading “Being Present as a Parent”

The Irony of Desire

Is there irony in desire? Just as a stone thrown into the water causes ripples across the surface (and below it) we radiate our energy out into the world.  What we send out is also eventually reflected back to us. It is said that what we desire, desires us. The Law of Attraction. Is this really the case,Continue reading “The Irony of Desire”

Missing Out

When I rush, I miss the beauty of life that surrounds me. I miss out on opportunities to play and to be myself. I miss the sensation of the wind blowing in my hair. I miss the beauty in my daughter’s smile. I miss the beauty of what it feels like to be in myContinue reading “Missing Out”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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