Visualization: Life’s GPS

When we want to create a change in our lives, visualization can be a very helpful tool. Yet we also need to use some precautions, too.

I often remind my physical therapy clients, “Just as marathoners see themselves crossing the finish line, it’s important for you to visualize what you want to achieve.” If one cannot see the goal as achievable, then the goal probably won’t be met.

Some of my chronic pain patients also suffer from depression. So I ask them, “what do cheerleaders say to help athletes perform better? Tell them they’re doing great or that they’re doing things terribly wrong?” Be your own cheerleader, please! It’s so hard to make a change if you’re drowning yourself in negativity. 

Just as if you were driving to an unfamiliar destination and find yourself lost: stop, reassess, then try a different route. Beating yourself up just keeps you making wrong turn after wrong turn (4 left turns make a circle, not a right!).

Many research studies have shown that visualizing performing well helps to improve performance. Furthermore, those whose practice is both physical and mental outperform those who only practice physically or mentally, according to this post by Psychology Today. 

So now my question to you becomes, what do you want to create for yourself? Do you want to keep visualizing  those “nightmare” scenarios where we imagine the absolute worst? Perhaps, instead, it’s time to try something new. If you agree, keep reading!

Doctor’s Orders: create one specific visualization of how you want your life to be different. Choose one aspect and focus on it for a week. Want to be more patient with your boss, coworker, self, client, spouse or kids, etc? Then see it, feel it, and become the more compassionate person you want to be. 

If you want to lose weight, then stop telling yourself you’re fat! Instead, visualize yourself and how you want to move and few with fewer pounds on your frame. Imagine as many details as you can. 

Do your best to keep it to one specific event, quality or thing and just keep seeing it, feeling it, breathing it, over and over! This is your GPS. To which address would you like to go?

When we begin to see where we want to go, then we can start living it. Just be sure to clear out the mental “fear” clutter, too! That will just inhibit you. 

So go forth and imagine how you want your life to be (without worrying and creating nightmares) then start living as many aspects of the dream as you can today, now, ASAP!

Believing is seeing! 

Martin Luther King, Jr never said, “I have a complaint.” 

~Michael Bernard Beckwith

You are only limited by your own imagination.

~Benny Bellamacina

Further reading: 

  • Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain
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You Are Worthy of Your Own Love

The act of learning to love ourselves can be a struggle after years of being treated and taught to believe we are “less than” by people in our lives. Like any journey, it begins with the first step. Self-care in simple ways can start the trip.

  • How can you take 10 more minutes a day and care for youself in a loving way? Treat yourself the way you want to be treated by others.
  • Where do you tell yourself bad things, and what supportive words can you now use, instead? Become your own best friend.

The climb and the dive can seem formidable, yet you are worthy of each movement forward you take in the journey of loving yourself.

  • Giving gratitude for each part of you that you appreciate is a very important key. The more you can appreciate you, the quicker you will bloom.
  • Finding fun and child-like ways to do things can open your heart more quickly. Here are some ideas:
  1. I recently painted my nails with glitter polish & have begun using glitter eyeshadow. Think fun!
  2. Men adding ways to honor their fave superheroes can be fun … And sexy
  3. Dancing (like no one is watching) while listening to upbeat music when getting ready in the morning. See Beautiful Day
  4. Finding ways to be silly at work (I have a naughty sense of humor…which I would use with discretion if I were you and your workplace is not open in that way)

You are worthy of your own journey into  the depths and heights of self-love. Truly, you have nothing to lose other than your self-deprecating habits. Instead, you have everything to gain! 

It’s only scary because we’ve been taught to fear feeling vulnerable. Yet it is in our softening that we learn to love again.

I have discovered that so often I have been willing to climb mountains and dive the murky depths to help others, yet could not (or would not) take the first step to help myself. With each aspect of myself that I learn to love and appreciate, the more love and compassion I have available to give to others. 

A special thank you & shout out to Secret Keeper for being the inspiration behind this post.

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