You Scare Me (in Reflection)

When we first met, you couldn’t see what I felt. You scared me. Painfully shy more often than not. I fear your rejection. Quietly, I often sit with first meetings. I fear your judgment. Waiting for you to show yourself. I fear making myself a fool. Forcing myself to speak from a script. I fearContinue reading “You Scare Me (in Reflection)”

Questions, questions, so many questions

Does the fire fear its own power? Does the wave ask if it’s part of the ocean? Does the lake ask, “What is my purpose here?” Does the bird ask, “How do I raise my young?” Or does the chickless chicken feel like less of a chicken? Does the cloud ask what happens when itContinue reading “Questions, questions, so many questions”

Today I am Grateful

Today I am Grateful: For the beauty that surrounds me. For the Universe that smiles on me every day (though sometimes I question its love). For the grace that fills my open heart. For the breath that moves like wind through my lungs. For the will to carry on, even when I don’t wanna. ForContinue reading “Today I am Grateful”

Missing Out

When I rush, I miss the beauty of life that surrounds me. I miss out on opportunities to play and to be myself. I miss the sensation of the wind blowing in my hair. I miss the beauty in my daughter’s smile. I miss the beauty of what it feels like to be in myContinue reading “Missing Out”

Five Faces of Divorce

Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place. -Unknown Yesterday, I saw five different faces of women going through different phases of divorce. In each of them, I saw something different reflected back to me. They are listed here in the order in which I faced them yesterday. First-up isContinue reading “Five Faces of Divorce”

Overcoming emotional turmoil

My Dearest Friend, Overcoming emotional turmoil is about knowing that we are stronger than our emotions.  As children we are taught to fear our emotions,  to push them down,  aside,  away… anywhere but here, maybe we’ll deal with this later, we were taught. This gives away our power to what we are feeling, and weContinue reading “Overcoming emotional turmoil”

Shedding My Skin: Pushing the Envelope

  May we exist like the lotus at ease in muddy water. -Buddha As a child, I knew I would one day go to college. Academics were very important to my parents. A’s and B’s were expected and exalted. Physical activities, like competitive sports, well, not so much. In fact, I learned to fear whatContinue reading “Shedding My Skin: Pushing the Envelope”

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Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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