Lost Youth Rekindled

Unfiltered from the Heart

At a young age, I learned to suppress and filter my truth, in the process I also lost my youth. Even with my blog, I’ve held so much of myself back. 

Yesterday, I reached a turning point and am in the process of changing things a bit to become “unfiltered from the heart.” This was a domain I purchased some months back. Now I’m ready to take that next step and make it happen. I want to return to speaking my truth much as babes do, unfiltered and from the heart. So expect more changes as I make some course corrections. 

Lost Youth 

While I’m more lit up (in a positive way) now than I have ever been, I still can be more “grown up” and serious than I need to be. Still in “Type A” recovery. With each ounce of fear that I surrender into, I’m allowing myself to trust The Universe and God more and more, with the sweet innocence of a child. Yet with the budding wisdom of a woman in her mid-life. Now I’m leaving behind the Shakespearean version of the Hokie Pokie. 

Choosing the Front Row

Allowing things to fly, exposing some skin – allowing myself to feel okay in spite of my perceived sins. No longer desiring to take the safe roads, or be in the third row… Yes, the first row suits me! Thank you, Sir, may I have another?

Dancing it out

Dancing in the mornings as I get ready and make breakfast has been incredibly transformative! If you haven’t taken the time to play your favorite tunes during your morning routine, I highly recommend it. Your mind, soul and hips will thank you! 

Join me, I don’t want to leave you behind! 


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