The Shame of Success

I won the first round, as we opened the second, I won 3 hands in-a-row. The jokes at the table then began to be directed at me, they knew who would win each hand. This perception felt like a cut, stated somewhat begrudgingly. While I did win the next round, there were others at theContinue reading “The Shame of Success”

The Shame that Hides Us

The voice of shame puts us down and keeps both our darkness and greatness hidden from ourselves and the world. “Who am I to be great?” is as much the voice of shame as “there is something terribly wrong with me.” These, and thoughts like them, keep us isolated and afraid of revealing ourselves.  I’mContinue reading “The Shame that Hides Us”

Resisting Self-Acceptance

Last week I decided it was time to step up my game and face some fears I had been skirting. So I meditated 5-8 times that day. Each day since I have continued at least 3 bouts of meditation per day to help clear out my fears…and to meet my spiritual goals. In this timeContinue reading “Resisting Self-Acceptance”

Sexual Deviance? (NSFW)

As a self-described Type-A controlling Alpha woman with a doctoral degree, I was very surprised when I was turned on by a man telling me how to dress and how to impress him. Yet it turned me on even more when he said things like, “I like a woman who can follow orders.” While IContinue reading “Sexual Deviance? (NSFW)”

Reblog: Mental illness thru photographs

From The Feathered Sleep, please like and post to her! It’s Not All In Your Head. Consumed: Mental Illness Through Photography (January Update) – As you know, I keep this site mostly for my work, but this is too important not to share. Those who are mentally ill are made more so by theContinue reading “Reblog: Mental illness thru photographs”

Fear of Being Too Much

The small Alice of the looking glass has permeated so much of my life. My fear of vanity, of fully seeing and appreciating the help I give to others and the beauty that emanates from my being are all minimized. This prevents me from realizing my dreams, sometimes even from dreaming them. For instance, I’mContinue reading “Fear of Being Too Much”

Shame about Sexuality

Shame. It fills the crags, crevices Each nook and cranny in my mind. (No wonder I seek for love and Attention to fill it.) Shame is Buried deep below the floor, The things I didn’t want to Think or feel anymore. His hands on my oh so young body, His grandson on top of me.Continue reading “Shame about Sexuality”

Self-Hatred is a Vicious Cycle

The more I have, the more I want. The more I want, the more money I need. The more money I need, the more I need to work. The more I work, the more I want to play. The more I play, the more I spend. The more I spend, the more I need toContinue reading “Self-Hatred is a Vicious Cycle”

The Elephant in the Room

The elephant in the room must be acknowledged before it can be asked to leave. Look at it.  See it.  It fills the space with its size. Open the door,  show it the way out. Then you can fill the room with all the thoughts you actually desire to be there. Namaste. Photo by TAW4 atContinue reading “The Elephant in the Room”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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