The Pain of Judgement

Judgement. We all hate receiving it, yet when we scratch the surface, many of us are living our lives judging ourselves and others. In observing my own thoughts and behaviors, I see where I judge nearly constantly, both myself and others. In hearing others talk, and in attempting to separate myself from the habit ofContinue reading “The Pain of Judgement”

Healing the Sense of Brokenness

When we feel broken or incomplete, we seek external fixes from which to feel whole. Maybe we seek this “fix” from others, through our behaviors (shopping, chemical dependencies and even positive things such as working out) or we may even just outright deny there is even a problem. Maybe we lash out and and getContinue reading “Healing the Sense of Brokenness”

Heal Thyself

In our internal pain, we often seek from others the elixir that we really need from ourselves. Other times we consciously or unconsciously lash out against others and hurt them, in an attempt to ease our own suffering. It is in beginning within that we can identify what is lacking so that we may giveContinue reading “Heal Thyself”

Sowing Love (a poem)

Flickering light in golden hues Casts shadows over me, Over you. Threading the needle, Sometimes in this darkness Feels impossible. Slows breath, Furrows brow, Eye squints, Focus on passing through. Pulling together fabric With golden threads What once was separate Returns to one. A finger prick Fabric from white to red A broken heart AContinue reading “Sowing Love (a poem)”

Becoming The Love You’ve Been Looking For

Fantasies about knights in shining armor started at a young age for me. I wanted a man to save me from my miseries; to whisk me away on his stead into the sunset. Fairytales, it seems, were a vast part of my psyche. Then in my late thirties when my marriage dissolved and I wasContinue reading “Becoming The Love You’ve Been Looking For”

What We Resist, We Become

I didn’t want to be bitter When Marriage vows dissolved Yet that is exactly what I became I hid it even from myself Like a red tide, it was  Just below the surface And that is my shame For this, I have no one But myself to … blame. Accepting responsibility for  What I’ve createdContinue reading “What We Resist, We Become”

Love at The Core & Bridges NaPoWriMo13

Bridges are lifelines; a connection. They are gateways to new worlds; a transition. Bridges are filled with secret mysteries. They both frighten and fascinate me. Travelers on them, travel with vulnerability. Bridges are communication between lands. Yet so often we take them for granted. Until the connection is broken or blocked.   As I walked theContinue reading “Love at The Core & Bridges NaPoWriMo13”

Loving Yourself in Spite of Yourself

At first glance it may sound odd to love yourself in spite of yourself. Yet so often in life we withhold love from ourselves when we need it the most. It’s as if we can only love ourselves and give ourselves compassion when things are going well. When we are upset with ourselves, however, forContinue reading “Loving Yourself in Spite of Yourself”

Emotional Cycles

Just as houses require consistent maintenance and cleaning, so do we. Humans accrue emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs that require upkeep, attention and clearing. It seems that we relearn this over and over again as life moves in cycles. We may think that we are “over” some aspect of our past and then anotherContinue reading “Emotional Cycles”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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