Ease & Flow: The Law of Attraction

There are words that support us and other words which do not. Many of us have marinated for years in negativity that we have learned from others, and that we have carried forward. The good news? We can change this if we wish!

To break free from the habit of negativity, it is imperative that we both recognize the habit and then put something new in its place. In hearing about a game* that Esther Hicks (Law of Attraction author and speaker) often plays, I sat down and typed out as many uplifting words as I could think then plugged them into the WordArt.com program to generate the featured image.

What uplifting words come to mind for you? Are there word pairs that seem to fit well and that resonate strongly for you? If so, repeat them, especially when feeling triggered. Become your own cheerleader; we each deserve to be our very own best friends. 


*In the game, Hicks brings to mind a word that begins with each letter of the alphabet. She finds that this game brings her into a state of peace and greater alignment with The Divine, a place she calls The Vortex. If you are interested in learning more, you can easily find audio tracks on YouTube. She has also co-authored several books with her husband, Jerry.

Having What You Choose in Life

Life is a series of choices. Some are big. Some are small. Some may even seem like they don’t matter at all. Yet, each choice we make leads to a path with new choices, much like with driving. Once we choose a right at one intersection, we’ve changed our course and will have different options than had we stayed straight, turned left or made a U-Turn…or even if we stopped completely in the roadway.

Honestly, I believe we will each get there, it just depends on us HOW we’ll get there….

So there is some strategy involved to “level up” to be able to make the big choices we would like. We must ask ourselves, “What would it feel like to have the thing that I desire?” In focusing on the emotions instead of the outcome, we tune our GPS to find that path to our desire. Our emotions are our road map, if we choose to listen.

This is an important part, too! Once we feel the emotions involved, it is imperative that we then look to our current lives and surroundings. We must then begin to see, create  and give gratitude for those feelings in our lives right now; creating even more opportunities for them to be there. This will help us to magnify the energy to attract the things we wish to have.

Here’s an IRL example. In observing and experiencing life, I now have a more clear idea of what it is that I choose in a life partner. I have driven down many streets with many detours. Each road had a lesson. Sometimes I had to travel the same road because I didn’t learn it the first dozen or so times. My biggest hang ups? I did not believe I deserved to be with this person, I could not see myself with him – nor could I believe fully that he existed in real life, nor that he was fully available to me outside of my imagination.

Now that I believe he exists in real life and I also know that I deserve to be with him, I am seeing, appreciating, giving gratitude and thus magnifying the energies of connection and love. Other supportive energies include having fun and feeling happy, abundant, joyful, grateful, young, supported, appreciated, beautiful, worthy, and faithful.

With each moment that I focus on the presence of these feelings in my life, the less I focus on the lack of having a life partner. The presence involves being present. And the more present I am with the presence of these feelings in my life right now, the more accomplished I feel in having what I desire – and he isn’t even sitting next to me – yet.

When I focus on the nagging questions like, “When will we be together? How will it happen? How much longer is this going to freaking take?,” I am creating more lack and putting down barricades along my path. These questions are like opening the oven door to see if the cake has finished baking, or digging up the soil everyday after planting seeds – it ruins the cake and destroys the tender roots and shoots of what we’re choosing to create!

In essence, we are on a continual road trip in our lives. It is our choice which path we’d like to take and along the way, based on which paths we choose, we are given different options. We often choose the hard way and believe it cannot be that easy, much like my old belief that I was not worthy of love. Because of these outdated beliefs in lack we close down options in our minds that would have lead directly to the very things we would like to achieve.

Based on my understanding of the Laws of The Universe, to have what we choose in life we must:

  1. Identify what it is we choose & believe we can have it (we deserve it, it exists, etc)
  2. Identify how we would feel to have it
  3. Appreciate or create opportunities for #2 in our everyday lives
  4. Step back & allow the outcome to happen (without opening the oven or disturbing the soil). 

Now, here’s the grand irony. The more work that we do along these steps, the more at peace we feel and the less attached we become to the outcomes. For instance, the more I feel the emotions related to my desire (#2), the more peace I feel being single. Reminds me of Glinda the Good Witch, “You had the power all along…”

May we each know what we choose, believe that we can have it and have the courage to open ourselves to it, knowing that it is ours to have.  




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Getting Unstuck in Life: Seeing Our Life Patterns

Our thoughts are our GPS, consciously or not, they affect our actions and our paths. By becoming more aware of our underlying thoughts, we can more easily change our direction in life. 

Meanwhile, allowing our thoughts to run amuck in our minds, we give up our control to them. Our GPS takes us to the wrong places, and sometimes we find ourselves driving in circles; stuck in patterns that do not serve us. By being unaware of our underlying thoughts, they unconsciously drive our actions from the backseat. Here I will illustrate some examples of the growing awareness I have had of my thoughts over the past few weeks.

After reading and implementing the daily meditation recommended in the book, Yoga + Love, I have noticed an unexpected side effect. By becoming increasingly aware of what thoughts have been running like sound tracks in the background of my mind, I see where I have created insomnia, heartbreaks and lack of resources in my life. 

For someone who thought she had at least a foothold on understanding herself, this had been an eye-opening experience. It turns out that there have been many thoughts that I’ve had that have been silently running (and sidelining the progress in) my life.

For most of this year, I had been increasingly suffering from insomnia. After a week or so of twice daily heart-centered meditation, I suddenly saw where I was telling myself that I was not able to sleep, even before I got in bed. I was, in a proverbial sense, making my bed and lying in it: sleepless. 

Once I saw this “I can’t sleep” thought pattern, I was able to change it. Now I rest peacefully at night without taking any supplements to help me sleep! By changing my thoughts, I changed my sleeping patterns!

I have also noticed how often I tell myself that I don’t have something. Examples have included: “I don’t have the time/energy/ability to deal with this.” Guess what has then happened? Your probably guessed correctly, my thoughts became a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Now, if I hear what I am saying to myself is NOT something that I want in my life, I replace the once “subliminal” thought with one that supports the direction in which I wish to move. “I am capable. I am worthy. I have all the resources that I need to do this successfully.”

Then this week I saw where I had had a strong pattern of focusing more on sex compared to the emotional connections that I have desired over the past 2 years of dating. This was a truly necessary moment of truth, albeit a painful one. 

While my intention in the last round of dating had been to focus on emotional connections, and I achieved that, the underlying thoughts about sex were still there. They continued driving me and played a role in my (dis)connection with the last man I was dating. This is a challenging confession to make. Yet it is an important one for me to acknowledge and see as I move forward, so that I can now do things differently.

To fully correct this dysfunctional dating pattern, I am giving up dating right now for  6-months, if needed. It’s time for me to clear a good bit of these (and yet to be seen) thoughts and soundtracks so that I can create the connection that I truly desire. Instead of continuing to create connections that are based on the underlying thoughts of lust. After publishing this post, I read this on Mind, Body, Green

So as you can see, heart-centered meditation has been my key to self-discovery. May each of us find ways to uncover the thoughts that are secretly driving our actions, so that we may consciously choose a different pattern and, when needed, change our direction. 


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Seeing Double: Another Twin

Freaky Deaky Twilight Zone Activity. The more work I do to love myself more fully, the more people who come into my life that are like me. Law of Attraction? Mirror work?! Twin Flame activation? I don’t know, but I keep finding more twins…This is one of the amazing things that happened for me yesterday:

I met a woman and within 15 minutes of shaking hands for the first time we were gushing over each other and practically disrobing to show off our tattoos! It was not what you think, dirty minds! Though I would have thought the same, too…

She showed me how she used ink to hide her varicose veins and stretch marks. I’ve been jonesing for more ink, and never imagined using my belly as a canvas to hide my “tiger stripes” from two extra bloated pregnancies. Even better, she knows an excellent tattoo artist! I thought I had died and gone to Heaven.

What lead to this unfolding? We quickly established some amazing commonalities!

Here’s a manifest, a list of things in common (interesting to note all of the ones and double ones):

  • Both 5’8″
  • Brown eyes, brown hair
  • Weight loss in same time frame: ~56 lbs (no shit)
  • Current weight: 11 lbs apart and 11 lbs each from our goal weights.
  • Clothing size: the same (I’m predominately mesomorph so weigh more at same size)
  • Age: 11 years apart
  • Nose pierced: Left nostril (one of the first things we noticed)
  • Tattoos: loved and displayed
  • We are both the first born children
  • Children: 1 Boy & 1 Girl each; hers are twins in opposite order
  • Shoe size: 1 size apart
  • We see ourselves as butterflies, our daughters are fairies
  • Favorite colors: Purple and Black
  • Favorite foods: tuxedo strawberries
  • Foods that harm: carbohydrates
  • Brazillians: both recently  de-virginized!

I was able to appreciate myself more fully “in the mirror” through her! To see in her many of the changes to my own life and body through meeting this woman, I was able to have a greater appreciation for myself. Fucking amazing!

Oppositions We had to balance out somewhere!

  • Pet preference: hers is cats, mine dogs
  • Sports: She loves football, I could leave it to never return.

The coolest part? Her physician sang beautiful praises of me, thusly complimenting my physical twin fully! Obviously, she is a soul mate for me: I do not believe all soul mates are lovers. Another post for another day.

She gave me permission to tell of our meeting.

More Twilight Zone Activity: Later in the same day I met another amazing woman and I need to get her permission to share her story; her life is miraculous and I rarely cry when in the clinic and there were a few times I lost voice control when talking with her about her story while choking back tears. I had to fight hard to keep it together…

__/|\__ Metta

Woman i/v by Ax: Wishing Upon a Star

The Law of Attraction basically states we are magnets for the energy that we knowingly or unknowingly project out into the world. So by our wounds we attract those with similar wounds or through our ascension/healing, we attract to us those on a similar path. What we see is a reflection of ourselves.

In this post, that I hope to make a series, I look at how the wonderful “Woman v” series by the eloquent poet Ax exemplifies the Law of Attraction in relationships.

Woman i/v
by Ax
[please share love for his work directly to his site & check out his amazing series]

I can draw your lines by heart,
the flow from ink that bleeds,
from the cuts across my wrists,
drips along my fingers,
as they press,
shaping your,

Stars like crystal hovers above,
twinkles that fade in your presence ,
the shine in your eyes glitter,
brighter than any star,
heaven can muster,
blessing your,


Visually, the first stanza matches the second, one being a reflection of the other.

At the beginning of the poem, we see the poet’s precognisance of his physically absent love, having known the presence of her (later we find) through the ethers. “I can draw your lines by heart,” shows that even when the two have not yet met physically he knows her as he knows himself. She is his reflection.

He draws her in an effort to better know himself through ink that bleeds and mixes with his own blood. He is shedding life force in an effort to both better create himself and to attract his embodied anima; his twin flame. It also shows where his wounds are part of the magnet that reveals her to him. Here we can also gain a taste of the suffering of the poet; bleeding, wishing, desiring and needing the heavenly presence of his lover in his physical life.

To heal the wounds and transcend them, or perhaps through them, he is able to see her heavenly body in the second stanza. We can also see the desire of a man to deify his lover; beseeching the Goddess of his dreams, who can shine more clearly and brightly than the brightest stars of Heaven. His desire is for her. Whereas, generally, for a woman it is her desire to be desired by her lover that attracts her to him.

So in Woman i/v we can see how the Law of Attraction both shapes the poet and his lover. As he reveals and transcends his wounds, he attracts her more strongly into his life. 

Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.
– Sonmi-451 in Cloud Atlas

This poem really speaks to me and my desire to be authentic and free. I am repeatedly choosing to stand down, to surrender, so that I may attract people based on my truth and not my wounds…Feel free to join me!

The Woman v Series by Ax with commentary

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__/|\__ Metta

What Many Miss with the Law of Attraction 

Many who practice the Law of Attraction often forget a few key components, what we resist persists. The pain is in the resistance. Allowing and surrendering heal us.  So many who are practitioners avoid the “void” feelings because they say feeling it will attract it. True! And not healing it keeps it in your energy field, too!

So many in the spiritual community focus on the rainbows and butterflies, resisting and ignoring the rain and the death of the caterpillar that must occur prior to the birth of the other.

Both negative and positive emotions have “charges.” These charges attract like charges. So when we carry fear, knowingly or unknowingly, we attract fear into our lives. It is merely our soul’s attempt to fully experience the thing that we missed in our previous lessons. So when we don’t fully heal from something it stays in our field as a charge. It produces energy and it attracts that energy to us.

To heal, we must feel. We must walk through the valley of the shadows of death. Once we gain neutrality to that event in how we feel, emote and behave, then we decrease the pull of attraction of those experiences to us.

We may still see the things we feared after obtaining neutrality, yet now we can view them as the witness. We may also see these events unfold so that we can do our part to help to shepherd and guide others through the pass; leading them to safety based on our own experiences. Another reason for seeing the events is to show us our own personal growth. In all cases, following the activation of the witness to that charge or vibration, we are no longer (or are minimally) triggered.

I also personally find that by being more neutral that something better and more beautiful comes along; often times better beyond my wildest dreams.

So remember, the pain is in the resistance. What we resist persists. What persists we attract back to ourselves. This applies for the positive, too. We create resistance when we push for something to happen.

Release and surrender are in the allowing; removing the charge neutralizes the negative impact to us. As we grow, we can help others grow.

May we all grow into our greater neutrality.

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