Sowing Love (a poem)

Flickering light in golden hues

Casts shadows over me,

Over you.

Threading the needle,

Sometimes in this darkness

Feels impossible.

Slows breath,

Furrows brow,

Eye squints,

Focus on passing through.

Pulling together fabric

With golden threads

What once was separate

Returns to one.

A finger prick

Fabric from white to red

A broken heart

A weary head

Warp and weft

Infused with love

For you,

For me.



Sown with seeds

Planted between the seams

Golden threads bring together

What was torn asunder

By pain, by fear

By endless Constraints


By love felt anew

An open heart

No longer fears reprisal

An open vessel

Ready to receive

Wrapped in a blanket

Sewn for you,

For me.


Opening the Capacity to Love

Each of us has an infinite capacity to love.
Yet we put rocks, sand and baubles in our jars
Out of fear, out of pain
Blocking our ability to fully receive
And acknowledge the vastness of our own greatness

Allowing the stories we’ve told ourselves
about why we cannot love
Gives them further solidity
Occluding from within the flow of love.

This truly is a labor of love,
Literally and figuratively.
For to clear the congestion,
these objections to love
Is to remove them, to inspect them,
To feel them, and allow them simply
To be, this is the lesson of love they were
Meant to be.

It is always our choice to see.


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You Don’t See Me

You Don’t See Me,

because I hide my greatness in shadows.

I obscure your vision with

smoke & mirrors.


I fear you

because I fear myself.

I fear my own love

for its power is infinite.


So I block the road.

I stop the feeling,

just before it reaches 

critical mass.


I turn away

from myself

from you

from responsibility

for this mess.



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I send love… NaPoWriMo5

I send love
on the wind
to hearts broken.

I send love
on a whim
to loves lost.

I send love
to him the one
who believes I can soar.

I send love
to all of them
who have left my door.

I send love
to those crying
out in pain.

I send love
to those crying
from their shame.

I send love
to all hearts

I send love
that is golden
when I feel most pure.

I send love
to the one
whose unseen hand
supports my movements,
who understands that emotions
are weathered like any storm
knowing the sun shines forevermore
at each moment on some part of the World.

I send love.
I am that I am.
No need now for further explanation.


Faces of Anger

With all of the anger and hate that is being stirred up in light of the geopolitical changes, it’s time to face the anger within. Projecting anger at your friends and family, the politicians and your coworkers is preventing you from seeing the truth: somewhere inside of you, you really hate you. 

To break this cycle of self-hatred flung outwards at everyone else, please begin to take the time to allow love and compassion for yourself. You are the key to making the changes that ignite self-love in others. Love the part of you that loathes you. That aspect of yourself needs a voice just like everyone else.

When you love you more, you can love others more. That opens the door to loving more and more Faces of God. This meditation can help you to heal the hatred within.

Each one of us is a face of God. We each represent different amalgams and configurations of the same source. The face we see in the mirror is also a reflection of God. How you see yourself is a direct reflection of how you see God. How can you see a loving God?


Love is …

~the warm sunshine after the cold
~the crocuses pushing up through the snow
~the curtains blowing with ease in the summer breeze
~the grace that fills the holes left by the pain


~the force that pushes us to greater heights
~the pain that encourages us to shed our old ways
~the voice that shows us a new way
~ubiquitous: it’s everything & it’s everywhere




Sweet Dreams Are Made of These….

A dear friend recently reminded me that I need to write the story to bring a solid partnership into my life. While she first said this over a month ago, it has only been in the last week or so that I finally came to a place where I believed that I am both worthy and capable of having such a partnership.  So here goes, I’ll make a wish as I blow out the candle. 🔥

What I’m sharing here is my vision of my dream partner and our relationship. I know all too well that discord is a necessary part of growth, that relationships require work, and that one person/relationship cannot fulfill all aspects outlined here all of the time. So allow a girl to at least dream…deal?!

The most important quality of this relationship is that when we are together, we feel at home. While we each carry this quality individually, the internal home fires glow more brightly when we are together. As such, we are an anchor of support for one another; a well-grounded type of home base. 

While we are comfortable in our respective skins as well as ourselves as individuals, we can share more of ourselves with the other than we can with any other person. In this way we are best friends. The following traits and qualities help support the partnership.

Characteristics of the relationship:

  • Passionate & Loving. Physical affection is a very important component; it’s truly the best gift for me to receive and to give.
  • A love of learning & teaching; we “Geek out” on overlapping and individual topics. 
  • Erotic/sensual with an openess to exploration. I am doubting my desire to be monogamous long-term. Unsure what this entails for the future – polyamory or just a sexually open relationship…so being open is important for more deeply exploring boundaries.
  • Unmasked. A willingness & desire to be vulnerable even if mostly behind closed doors. 
  • Expressive. We are able to effectively communicate, which includes listening, while exploring emotional, mental and spiritual realms. At times, this includes non-verbal communication, an inner knowing that may not have an explanation.
  • Multi-faceted with a willingness to share different dimensions together.
  • Humanitarian. Working together to help others to better themselves while also looking within to better ourselves, respectively.
  • Free-spirited. Allows for growth, exploration and some level of independence. Now that I’m free, there’s no going back to being tethered, manipulated nor controlled…outside of the “bedroom” that is. 😉
  • Trusting and trustworthy. Honesty is implied. 
  • Physically active and “on the go” at least part of the time. Chillin’ can also be therapeutic.
  • Accountable. We hold each other to higher levels of potentiality.
  • Creative. Required for exploration, whether done together or apart. 
  • Humility with a sense of humor. It is required that we be able to joke one another. 
  • Compassionate. We understand that even the best intentions can be frought with human error. Forgiveness is a huge part of this…
  • Respectful. We don’t always agree, and can still be respectful of the others differences.
  • Resilient. Able to withstand change, pressure and remains true even when put to the test. This takes 2. 

Balanced, the ways in which we offer variation for one another:

  • His Boyish innocence to my practicality.
  • His Dominant to my submissive & vice versa (though we can switch or be neutral from time-to-time)
  • His Protectiveness to my nurturing 
  • Seductive. He is a great kisser whose hands are drawn like magnets to my body. For me, feeling desired is such a huge component to my sexuality (note: as it is for most women). Yet he also gives me the space to be the seductress.

Individual characteristics:

  • Kid-friendly, without wanting more of his own this factory is closed 😉
  • He is a gentleman & doesn’t just play one on TV. 
  • He is intelligent (degrees are not necessary) “Make love to her mind and her body will surely follow.”
  • Somewhat cocky, like salt though, too much can ruin the soup
  • He is 6’2″ or taller (a 5’8.5″ girl can dream, so he’s still taller than me when I’m in my 4″ platform stilettos 👠)
  • He has a truck that’s big enough for me to be challenged to drive…and I know how to drive a stick (my beloved Jeep is a 6-speed, after all…).There may just be a double-entendres or two right there.
  • He has a somewhat muscular build, though without spending most of his spare time in the gym. Icing on the top is for him to look like Tom Welling (again, a girl can dream)
  • Tattoos are also awesome, yet not mandatory 

Here is an excellent summary from a recent card reading: Dutiful, diligent and devoted to a job well done –these are the characteristics of the mature man who is committed to working hard on your behalf and will help you find the answers you seek to your problems (remember, this is a card reading). Don’t be afraid to trust this man. While he may appear to have the head of a dreamer and the heart of a wanderer, beneath that restless spirit lies a deep commitment to humanity and an ocean’s worth of love to offer the right partner.

Interestingly, the queen of the same suit seems to describe me and also appeared in the reading: The woman highlighted in this matter is an achiever who is dedicated, hard-working, and steadfast in her objectives. When an important job needs to be done, she is the one to do it. While she is a visionary at heart and can tend to be swept away by her ideals, she can be practical and pragmatic about life as well. The matter in question will soon take on a new direction through the efforts of such a woman.

So be it.

Image: Hubble & google 

Fallin’ ~ A Love Story

Stretching and reaching 

For understanding 

My mind reels

While the heart bleeds

Another fall, another girl 

Fallin’ to her knees 

Left depleted, confused

another burnt out fuse

It was you I sought

And found in another face

It was you who left again

Without a trace

The smoke and mirrors 

Just another trick 

For in another way

I’ve fallin’ in love 

With the image 

Reflected back to me

In a man

The spell is now broken 

The chains that bound me

Now they’re the ones 


Now just to keep you

In your place…

Image: Leonid Afremov 

Love Lessons

Reaching heights unknown

Places unobtainable alone

Immediately feeling at home


A lit candle 

Always creates shadows

Chasing away darkness


The bright flame

Melts wax, lava

Burns tender flesh


Sensitive skin seeks

Respite & reprieve

In shadows unseen


The lit candle

Reveals lost pains

Inner child retreats


Pleas to slowdown 

Unheard, misunderstood, ignored

The bud obliterated 


Love lost yet regained 

Breathing, feeling, allowing

Repleted in the void


Perhaps it’s best

To unfold these

Love lessons alone



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