The Antidote to Fear

When we bury, push against or deny our fears, we ultimately give them more power. Our fears then unconsciously control us, keeping us from peace. That is, until we choose to face our fears. Our willingness to face our fears is the first step.

Fear is held in place by holding our breaths, and contracting when the emotion reads its head; whether we’re gripping the fear, pushing it away or hiding from it.

But everything exposed by the light becomes visible–and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.

~Ephesians 5:13

You see the antidote to fear is light. When we allow the fears to surface, while breathing and allowing the emotions to move through us, we release our fears. To face our fears means to walk into the very places we have avoided, to open sealed doors and allow the emotion to move into the light. It is then that it can move through us and away from us.

While breathing and feeling where your body is physically supported:

  • Acknowledge the fear – open the closet doors where it has been hiding
  • Keep breathing while you allow the fear to move through you
  • This may cause you to feel physically, mentally and emotionally uncomfortable. Please stay with the breath and where your body is physically supported
  • The emotions will then move through and release you from its grip. When this happens, you will feel a great sense of peace.
  • Do your best to allow this process to unfold, this will bring you a greater freedom from your fears when you do.

Know that healing happens in layers. This same feeling may come back again to be revisited and released on a deeper level. As much as you can allow the process, the faster you can return to peace. When we question what we’re feeling, we’re questioning our own experience and creating conflict within ourselves.

When we are at war with ourselves, no one wins.

Fear is an emotion. Emotions are energy. They only get stuck when we don’t allow them to be. Facing our fears frees ourselves and others.


Image: Inner Conflict by Koby Feldmos

Waiting for the Bottom to Fall Out?

The sun is shining and I’m doing my best to soak it all in. Yet I’m ready to run on a moments notice as the winds pick up and the dark clouds lurk at a distance. Waiting for the bottom to fall out.
For the past few weeks I’ve been riding a relative high. Yes, there are things to do and yes, I’m still single. Yet, things have been going relatively well and it’s as if I’m waiting for the bottom to fall out.

So now I’m taking some time to refocus and shine my light on what is going well, being grateful for the clear skies – and the rain that is soon to fall, for water is needed for cleansing and for life. Waiting for the bottom to fall out.

And so it goes with soaring, the higher we fly the deeper we must dig to heal the once hidden beliefs that hold us back from the next level. I see where I fear things going well, because that could mean that one day, the bottom may just fall out. So why am I waiting for that to happen? It makes no sense.

Counting my blessings, being grateful for the rays of light, the updrafts that hold me in flight, acknowledging the potential pitfalls while the shadows from the trees dance on my legs and knees. No longer waiting for the bottom to fall out. I send my wishes for continued peace on the gusty breeze, while Summer’s insects sing to me to be free of such worries.


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