Milady (in Gratitude)~ Guest Post

“Milady” (In Gratitude) Thank you Milady, For helping me unlock my heart. I had locked it up in fear and fright afraid to feel, to even move, afraid to lose what I didn’t have But mostly afraid I didn’t have what it took to fight To win back the love I had lost, my wife.Continue reading “Milady (in Gratitude)~ Guest Post”

Pigtails & Southern Belles ~ A Duet

Words to wings of friendship life experiences exchanged glances, laughs & sighs of realization bring depth to the ink we drip ~~ the feeling of timelessness not one beat missed. what a beautiful day, shared in a most beautiful way. ~~ Madness abounds in the details pigtails, plural nouns & angel wings Bind us inContinue reading “Pigtails & Southern Belles ~ A Duet”


Circles and cycles repeatedly returning, seemingly back to the start. At times feelings of  falling apart. Much like Groundhog’s Day until the lesson is learned, the part made whole, what is outward becomes inward: enfolded. Just as the season’s cycle, so do the lessons, again like the corkscrew piercing deeper into shadows. From the death of fallenContinue reading “Annular”

Hearts & Desires

Two related, yet unrelated, poems. Everything is ok, working through some things =) Happy Sunday! Hearts: Teeth gnashing Flesh gashing Defiled & torn apart The weight of tender hearts. ~~~~~~ Desires: The desire to be desired, Yet not used. The desire to be trusting & vulnerable, Yet not abused. The desire to hear you, YetContinue reading “Hearts & Desires”

Dual Seduction

At first, there was only light. Light only knew light, having seen nothing else. To experience itself as more, as separate, shadow was created. Here light could feel differently. In the shadows, light could choose it was given Free Will to experience once again as connected light or separate from light and live in the shadows; dual situations, eitherContinue reading “Dual Seduction”

Poetry: Unraveling The Stigma

this post might just hurt the most. unraveling the truth from the perception is causing me quite a bit of misconception and even more fear of the repercussions. i can no longer deny my dna, it came up just the other day. knowing the oddity, when i recognized the new pattern, my new habits ofContinue reading “Poetry: Unraveling The Stigma”

Perspective: It’s Everything

When I look at life as magical and miraculous, I see magic at every turn. Yet, when all I feel is despair, then I find myself disconnecting – creating the very thing I believe. How I perceive means everything; it can make me, it can break me. Truly. Sadly. Happily. You name it, I createContinue reading “Perspective: It’s Everything”

The Battle of Love

Love beckons yet repulses more. Come hither, see your ugliness, beauty: “Your gifts and your misses see who you are through the eyes of your Lover, see yourself here in His mirror.” Falling in love: like a face plant in the mud. When truly with a Lover’s heart held to a higher level seeing greater potential; not permittingContinue reading “The Battle of Love”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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