Sacred Union

A love so fierce it melts down barriers before resistance is born Passion so great those near and far can it palpate With laser focus, it cuts to the quick revealing truths within Dross is evaporated again and again Within this embrace, helpless in all transformations Transmutations Experiencing again Heaven on Earth Knowing again one’sContinue reading “Sacred Union”

Navigating The Spaces Between (NatPoWriMo)

How confusing it can be When nothing is as it seems Traveling along seams Between what was, what could be, & what is yet to be… Navigating the spaces between. ~~ Betwixt One may feel tricked Yet it is here We can choose differently. Seeds in spring sprout Some seedlings become great trees While othersContinue reading “Navigating The Spaces Between (NatPoWriMo)”

Fading into Infinity

Under rocks Hidden well Sheltered from storms Isolated in a shell Finite existence Personal hell. ~~ Budding desires Something new Building fires Clearing out Impaling spires Dying to live. ~~ Breaching boundaries Branching out Building strength Confidence renewed Retreats bidden From which she grew. ~~ Accepting it all; What she had to do Crescendo ofContinue reading “Fading into Infinity”

Love at The Core & Bridges NaPoWriMo13

Bridges are lifelines; a connection. They are gateways to new worlds; a transition. Bridges are filled with secret mysteries. They both frighten and fascinate me. Travelers on them, travel with vulnerability. Bridges are communication between lands. Yet so often we take them for granted. Until the connection is broken or blocked.   As I walked theContinue reading “Love at The Core & Bridges NaPoWriMo13”

Choosing Love in the Face of Everything NaPoWriMo11

Turning corners left then right, Over and over again, Moving further towards the within. Seeing inner conflicts as an observer Warring parties voice their woes, They become friends (for now) no longer foes. In the presence of love, I find myself enveloped. It is here I find who I am, Who I was all along.Continue reading “Choosing Love in the Face of Everything NaPoWriMo11”

Love, Mom NaPoWriMo10

To my daughter, I am sorry that you are sad. I am sorry that you are angry. I am sorry that you feel unloved. I know how all of this feels and hurts. Know I am doing the very best I can do to help you. Sometimes even the best mom’s don’t have all theContinue reading “Love, Mom NaPoWriMo10”

There are things …. NaPoWriMo9

There are things about me… That I want to believe  That I want to bury  That I want to show everyone  That I only want to take with me to hell or heaven That I have known since I was eleven  That I don’t want to tell anyone  That make people grin from ear toContinue reading “There are things …. NaPoWriMo9”

Personification of Inner Realms NaPoWriMo8

There are aspects within dying to emerge. Hidden, cutoff aspects who beg with us to merge. They knock, they yell, they keep us awake and thinking, or dreaming. They more seek our attention, Less our submission. They just want their voices to be heard. Active Imagination, almost like a waking dream,  Allows us to bringContinue reading “Personification of Inner Realms NaPoWriMo8”

The Eye of the Calm within The Storm NaPoWriMo6

The tempest unfurls her fury, Flinging branches like match sticks. Roofs sent across streets. Menacing clouds fill the skyline. Yet at the center all is calm. The golden lines spread out  Rise up and back down; a torus  Is formed. Frictionless energy.  The storm cuts a path through the wood While the mighty oak, aContinue reading “The Eye of the Calm within The Storm NaPoWriMo6”

I send love… NaPoWriMo5

I send love on the wind to hearts broken. I send love on a whim to loves lost. I send love to him the one who believes I can soar. I send love to all of them who have left my door. I send love to those crying out in pain. I send love to thoseContinue reading “I send love… NaPoWriMo5”

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