Attention Seeking Part I

It is unceremoniously and without much ado that I share with you my desire for having consistent and continuous male attention. On the surface the attention is physical. Yet it is my deeper desire to be desired by a man who finds me spiritually and intellectually attractive, not just sexually or physically. After feeling thatContinue reading “Attention Seeking Part I”

Ready for Love and No Longer Waiting

Much of my life has been spent silently and secretly waiting for someone else to love me in the way I so desperately needed. Waiting for someone to discover me on the shore, love me and whisk me away to something better and brighter and ending with the words “happily ever after.” Yet, in reflection, IContinue reading “Ready for Love and No Longer Waiting”

Three Days Ago

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anaïs Nin Three days ago, I let you go… For a moment maybe a few hours at least, I felt free. And then… The seed of emptiness that was planted in yesterdays,Continue reading “Three Days Ago”

The Empty Frame

The wound is the place where the light enters you. -Rumi There is a deep, pervasive emptiness from which I often try to run and hide. It permeates and weaves through so many aspects of my life, like a malignant web of blackness that darkens my vision and protects me from the very thing thatContinue reading “The Empty Frame”

Letting You Go to Embrace What Is

Letting go of a dream, even one deferred. Letting go of the hopes, wishes and aspirations for your presence here in my life. Letting go of the unspent moments of tomorrows yet to be. *** Releasing the idea of you on the wind, (fly and be free). Releasing the thoughts of what I wanted soContinue reading “Letting You Go to Embrace What Is”

In the Meantime

“i want to be in love with you the same way i am in love with the moon with the light shining out of its soul.” ― Sanober Khan In the meantime…while I wait for love’s sweet embrace, I wait, but I do not sit still. In stillness I may sit in meditation, but itContinue reading “In the Meantime”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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