Six Word Stories: Another Lost Chapter 

9″ and counting. Please. Stop. Raining.

Thinking naughty things, not about rain?

Here comes more rain. Sleepy-time again.

Island flooded; prayers for Haiti’s people.

Another rift, another gift stepping forward.

Dancing in circles. Exhausting or invigorating?

Believing the lies; forgotten little one.

Writing is connecting deeply with oneself.

Six word stories creating a fuss.

Counting to six, seven. Oops! Rewrite.

Six word stories are messy fun.

Six word stories on my mind.

Should be studying. Instead, I’m counting.

Six word stories are very delightful!

Six word stories. Thanks to Hemingway!

Thank you, Tony, for rekindling this!

Image: mind over matter dot com.

Six-Word Stories 

strength proportionally gained by pain survived.

attractive, yet not a classic beauty.

composing words rules my mind; bittersweet.

Writing more stories means more bleeding.

Her desire is to be desired.

Writing, my drug therapy of choice.

Six Word Stories x Six + 2 bonus

This is the sound of surrender.


This condition, my mission: to change. 


Create me, destroy me, again…again.


For alone she lived quite miserably.


Marching to her own rhythm again.


He could love you as you.


So freeing and liberating to be concise!


Oops, I did it again. Me?!


__/|\__ Metta


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