The Dance

I must keep my light clean

For it is the beacon shining 

illuminating the path 

To show You the way

Through the waves and fog

Beckoning You to my shores.

When the tsunami wave 

Of loneliness crests and 

Threatens to break my spirit 

Once again I fill the vacancy 

With Cosmic Love

Filling the void with sparkles 

Of my imagination 

Floating through the rift

I call You to me, 

Your dance is my gift

I feel the heat of Your breath 

On my cheek

The fullness of Your heartbeat

Tattooing its rhythm in my mind

Shaping the basis for my own rhythm

For a few moments I can feel the sync

Another infusion to cut through the 


Of Being Alone.


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Woman v/v: At Home Again

Woman v/v
by Ax

Beneath a canopy symbolic of my heart,
held to breast, the beating sound pounds,
as life from within seeping across holds dear,
the woman in my dream so near.

Side by side to walk and run under moon or sun,
through rain or shine her comfort is mine,
where she will find a place provided,
in my care undivided.

In the presence of life outside our castle,
would be the essence of a devoted couple,
lead by my courage to protect,
showing all her worth of my respect.

Behind closed doors in a humble abode,
stripped of rags that hang off flesh and bone,
exposing the desire of two hearts that are free,
melting into a blissful menage a vie.

A woman, a mother, a lover, mates the soul,
when restraints are placed to submit in whole,
collared in leather snapping the lock closed,
allowing her pleasure to surrender to my hold.


The stanza structure continues to consist of four lines each with a rolling, wave-like form that matches the flow of words and the poet’s loss of rigidity from i and ii.

Here the poet comes out of his shell, seeing the woman of his dreams so close. He gifts his lover his heart, his shelter, his protection and his affection. She is his soul mate and meets his needs for nurturing, by the end she gifts to him her submission. He protects her, while she nurtures him. Together they dance, free to be their own yet together as soul mates.

There is the hint of the fairy tale romance in “our castle,” yet what the poet describes is more of a consummate versus romantic love with displays of commitment, passion and intimacy . The two are stripped bare in their humble abode, fully transparent to one another within their space, their place of love. Together they are home. Even in bad weather they are side-by-side. This speaks to the energy of soul ascension through the activation of the twin flame; healing in their unification and balancing of one another.

He desires only her and sees her for all of her Divine aspects: woman, mother, lover, soul mate. She is venerated and respected for all that she is by him. There is an implied reciprocation in her submission. Through her, he is no longer lost nor hiding, but found. He is now at home with himself, while together they make a home of unconditional Love; any time of day, in any weather – regardless of the condition, thus unconditional.

In collaring her, owning and controlling her, she entrusts him with her safety; gifting submission. Hers is the desire to be desired and to please him. In playing the scene, she releases her inhibitions and burdens. In bondage, she becomes more free. He loves and respects her for the strength in her vulnerability. His reward is her complete trust in him as a provider who understands her needs. Through the D/s relationship, they live in the present, balanced and complete; both complimentary where they differ in qualities. Quite a lovely conclusion to the series; the poet is at home with his Goddess on all levels while she reciprocates.


Much gratitude, Ax, for allowing me to experience how a man views and loves a woman through your work. It was an amazing and sometimes breath-taking experience. I hope that I have done your poetry even an ounce of justice.
Tomorrow, I will post how this experience affected me personally.


Lyrics to “I’m Yours/Somewhere Over the Rainbow” wrap up this series into a neat little bow. While I had planned to use” target=”_blank”>”islands” by the xx all along, after hearing the featured song by coincidence I was struck by the strong correlations between the series and the lyrics. Here I tie the series to the lyrics:

Woman i: Wishing Upon a Star His Goddess is born by him wishing upon a star. 
Woman ii: A Closer View The poet cannot wait to claim his fate
Woman iii: The Melding I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted
Woman iv: In Living Colour is seen easily in the rainbow and I’m yours
Woman v: Home Again is from the silently implied lyric there is no place like home from the film, The Wizard of Oz.

Woman v Series by Ax with commentary

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