Allowing to Let it Go

When we push away the feelings we don’t want to feel, the resisted feelings only grow stronger. It is in breathing through and allowing ourselves to feel (not necessarily act out) our feelings that allows them to move through us. It is gen that we can choose differently; to move forward. Letting go happens when we allow, not when we push things away. 

May we each allow a new voice from within ourselves its space, so we may move forward with a greater sense of grace.


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The Allowance of Grace

Recently I read somewhere that people have set points for both their highs and lows. The author went on to explain that we have a happiness quotient that we live beneath. When the elation becomes too much, we become fearful. So we only allow so much Grace/love/happiness to fill our vessels before we stop the flow. 

I often block Grace by rationalizing my emotions, straight-up blocking them or turning to addictions and other distractions, including… helping others. 

Interestingly, we attract into our lives people with similar glass ceilings. If everyone around us has the same level of fear of happiness, then in some way we keep one another on the track of being limited and stuck.  It’s as if we have a container in which we live and avoid overfilling it. The Universe is abundant, yet we define ourselves – and our happiness – so narrowly. How can we break this pattern?

Same Tools, Different Problems Some tools are so effective that they can be used for different issues. Carpenters, plumbers, and orthopedic surgeons use some of the very same hardware tools, just in different conditions. Similarly, I find that I also use the same spiritual  tools repeatedly to solve varying problems of the mind. Surrendering or allowing is a common theme I’ve written about. It seems so simple that it can be overlooked. 

Increasing Our Allowance Grace is a gift with compounding interest.  The more Grace we allow along the path, the more flows to and through us. It’s the same process every time. Allow what emotions rise to the surface. Allow what needs to stay to stay and allow what needs to go to go. Clearing out the old emotions by allowing them, also allows for more room in our containers for Grace. 

Breaking Open Each time we allow ourselves to be fully present with ourselves and our emotions, the more fully we allow ourselves to be ourselves. In so doing, we break open the container that limits us and we increase our Allowance of Grace. 

The more senses you can feel and experience as you move through your emotions, the more fully you are present with yourself. Following the rise and the crest of emotions that occurs, you have taken steps to clear more aspects that were blocking the entrance of Grace into your life. 


Breathing & Allowing

Fear is an emotional state of being. When we allow our fears (anger, jealousy, sadness, shame, etc) to run their course through us, we become free from them in that moment and the moments that follow.

Breathing through the experience while feeling the emotions allows us to come to a place of peace after the wave peaks and the tides ebb again.

Our emotions, when allowed, rise and fall just as the tides. We cannot hold the waters in. While we can erect dams, but these just block the free flow of the rivers…keeping the emotions in. 

Ever notice how the word motion is in emotion? Feelings, like our bodies, are meant to move!

Allowing and breathing grants the emotions to access to the exit. Feel as much of your body as you allow the emotions to move through… Then get up and move your body, too!

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feet dug into the shifting sands

waves crash around me

ahowing me my strength

salt spray stings my face

standing still, present

it’s time to be fully in this place

of acceptance

this, yes this, is where I am.

gaining ground in the

shifting sands

seeing my place is

to just be

doing no-thing.

allowing the waves to ebb

and flow without judgment.

in faith, knowing that I am

right where I am to be.

there is truly nothing to fear here

for those who know how to see

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Standing Down

For most (ahem, all) of my life I have guarded my tender heart.
So many it seems have torn it apart.


Friends of yesteryear saw only small facets,

only what I chose & when I chose to share it. 

The small pieces of me thrown out like bait,

to allow them to know that I could truly appreciate

what they were going through.


In the end, I only hurt myself.

By holding back so much of me,

I was never really truly free.

Feed me bourbon or beer, 

to let me feel more clear to be me….really?


Now, I work to be my most brightest authenic self.

Sober, awake, not using food to soothe the pain.

And yet after years of work and toil, 

It’s not that fucking easy. 

I still find myself holding back.


Yet, I’m tired of truths half-baked.

Making it in a way that is fake.

I’ve grown weary of attracting people to me based on falsities and phobias.

For me to reap the most from my relationships, 

it is I who must be more willing to be vulnerable,

to lay down my sword;

to stand down my guard,

to remove my body armor.

To let lose control of my voice

and to speak my truth more openly, more authentically.


So here I stand, doing my best to be more transparent.

So here I stand, doing my best to show my worst and my scariest.

Here I stand, naked.

And there is still more to bear.

This is not to gain your approval.

But to gain my own.

To love me more for me,

allows me to love you more for you.


Wounds and all. 

No longer trying to avoid the fall.

May I learn to love now from the heart,

letting go of my habit of loving from an arm’s distance.

Standing down in the face of resistance.

Submitting, surrendering, letting go of control.

Please be gentle with me, take it slow.

I’m still figuring out just how this goes.



__/|\__ Metta


Reblog: Letting Go Of The Past Osho

I love this post. The challenge can be knowing what to do… Some things that can help: alchemy, mediation, gratitude. 

Here’s the original post:

You are living in one of the most alive times ever– Osho The New Man will not live out of belief He will simply live The New Man will not be political He will believe in love, not in war He will believe in life, not in death He will be creative, not destructive Osho […]

the submission

shape me

form me

I am but 

putty in your 


roll me over

if you wish

take me

to the next level

of resistance

so that we may begin


your hardening

to my softening of


letting go

of everything

I know.

falling apart

coming undone

like a pebble in

your river of life.

take me down a level,

to build me back up,

rising higher with

each turn,

sinking lower to

clear out that

next bit

of resistance…


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losing myself to find myself

Holding on white-knuckled trying to control each aspect, each element of my ride, makes for a stressed-out, uncaring and hollow me. The feeling of being out of control, burnt out, weary.

Letting go, succombing, submitting and softening into this space of all knowing takes me out of the race, the need to control dissolves. Who I thought I was falls to the side. By losing myself, I find myself.

By letting go, I gain now a different sense of control. The irony is that the only thing I control, is submission, is surrendering, is the letting go.

Borrowing today from the Christian Stream of consciousness:

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will save it. Luke 9:24

And from Maynard James Keenan, et al:

Lost again, Broken and weary, Unable to find my way, Tail in hand, Dizzy and clearly unable to, Just let this go

I am surrendering to gravity and the unknown, Catch me heal me lift me back up to the sun, I choose to live

Artwork Journey of the Wounded Healer

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